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Tester Pad

Regular price $12.95 AUD

Product Details

New to cloth pads? This is step one in your reusable switch. Try us out with a tester!

Grab one tester in a size and absorbency you’re familiar with and experience the wear and wash before you make the switch. We’ll send you one of our much loved patterns and shipping is on us!

  • Free shipping Australia wide on one tester purchase
  • Random pattern selection provided
  • Available for first time customers only
  • Certified organic cotton absorbent layers
  • Medical grade TPU waterproof coating
  • Unbleached and undyed – zero toxins on your skin!
  • Slim design with snap buttons to hold in place
  • Extra grip feature only on Thong Liner, Pantyliner, Small, Long Liner and Medium.

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      Shipping Information

      Free shipping on one tester (Trackable/ No Signature Required)

      hannahPAD Size Chart
      hannahPAD Size Chart - mob


      hannahPADs are designed in South Korea and responsibly made in both South Korea & Vietnam.

      hannahPADs are made of certified organic cotton kept at its most natural– unbleached and undyed so even the most sensitive skin can reuse them. By harnessing the power of nature, organic cotton is great for constructing the absorption layers of the pad.



      Certified organic cotton (natural, unbleached & non-dyed)

      TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) coating on the inside of the patterned layer.

      Why TPU? Heat is used to laminate the TPU on cotton fabric instead of using chemical solvents. The end product is much softer and breathable compared to PUL. TPU is a safe inert material commonly used in the medical industries. This waterproof layer must be discarded in regular household garbage when retiring your pads. 

      Extra grip: Silicone dots keep pad securely in place when worn. Only on sizes Thongliner, Pantyliner, Long Liner, Small, and Medium.

      Snap Fasteners: Easy to fasten and durable. Recyclable plastic (#7 Other).

      Tester Pad
      Thong Liner (19cm) - $12.95 AUD
      • Thong Liner (19cm) - $12.95 AUD
      • Pantyliner (21cm) - $12.95 AUD
      • Small Pad (21cm) - $16.95 AUD
      • Long Liner (27cm) - $19.95 AUD
      • Medium Pad (27cm) - $22.95 AUD
      • Large Pad (33cm) - $25.95 AUD
      • Ultra Pad (36cm) - $29.95 AUD
      • Super Ultra Pad (42cm) - $35.00 AUD

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