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Organic Cotton Certification Process (OCS100)

Organic Cotton Certification Process
Ensuring the product is actually made from organic material at all stages of development and production. 
1. Organic Farm Audit: Meet requirements of organic verification.
Qualified specialists and auditors conduct an audit on the organic cotton farm to meet requirements of soil testing, working conditions and organic verification. Under the OSC100 certification, organic cotton must be sourced from small controlled organic cultivation. Our supply of organic cotton is mainly sourced in India. 
2. Processing Organic Cotton to Yarn: Preserving the organic cotton material.
The raw organic cotton is then turned into yarn and is carefully monitored at this stage to preserve the presence and amount of organic material produced. 
3. Manufacturing Organic Cotton Yarn to Woven Sheets: Maintain integrity of material through strict manufacture evaluation. 
Organic cotton yarn is then woven by machines into organic cotton sheets. It is crucial at this point to maintain the integrity of the organic cotton material to meet certification requirements. Stringent evaluation and monitoring of the manufacturing process is necessary.
4. Making Of The Product: Product contains 95-100% organic cotton.
These woven cotton sheets are cut into the required shapes and ready for our hannahpad seamstress team to put together and produce the final product. The construction of a hannahpad must be consistent and in fact contain 95-100% of organically grown cotton harvest from the farm (Stage 1). 
5. Shipped Worldwide: Toxin-free, durable and sustainable. 
Finished pad products are packed and shipped worldwide. hannahpads are available to anyone who is interested in a top quality, toxin-free and sustainable solution to period, maternity, postpartum and urinary incontinence management.  

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