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Support & Giving Back

Helping in small ways as best we can.

Health & Sexual Education Programs (Student Discount)

We love hearing from schools, education and health professionals about their interest in providing information on healthier and greener period, maternity, and light incontinence options. Each year we donate hannahpads to schools and education programs across Australia. Our products are added into teaching kits for show and tell on the topic of menstruation, pregnancy, and light bladder leakage.

OUR AIM: We believe that access to information on reusables and safe and sustainable menstrual products should be available for all. Thanks to our incredible hannah community, we’re able to continue donating our products to schools around Australia.

Additionally, we offer a 20% OFF student discount to encourage the younger generation to make the healthy and sustainable switch to reusable sanitary products! 

Our student discount applies to all primary, secondary, tertiary and tafe students. 

Community Outreach

Over the years, it has been promising to see the many changes and efforts people are making at the municipal level. Councils across different states of Australia are rolling out programs to educate their community on the basics of sustainability and encouraging them to seek better solutions for their families and their home. We work closely with council staff members on how to incorporate reusable menstrual, maternity, and incontinence products in their programs and events. We offer samples for teaching kits and discounts for those beginning their eco journey with hannah. Always check with your council to see what rebates they offer for the positive changes you want to make in your life.

OUR AIM: To stay connected and communicate to people in communities near and far who are interested and/or willing to try reusable liners, pads or menstrual cups. Small changes can create a positive impact on the health of people and the environment they live in.  

Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

Cancer has touched the lives of people around us. Therefore, it’s increasingly important for us to work together towards beating cancer. The past 2 years we have dedicated the month of October to Breast Cancer Awareness and we're participating again in 2021 for the 3rd time as corporate fundraisers for the cause.

So far we have donated over $4000 to support NBCF’s efforts in vital breast cancer research. 

OUR AIM: Contribute to breast cancer awareness and research to reach zero deaths by 2030.

The Lost Dogs' Home Donation

We are supporting The Lost Dogs' Home and their efforts to care and re-home lost and unwanted dogs and cats.

We believe in fighting for the rights, value, and welfare of all animals great and small. So if you're considering your cloth pad switch, please head over to our Lost Dogs' Home donation page HERE to purchase and contribute to the donation to this wonderful organisation. Donation products listed are discounted for you to make the switch and 10% of total sales from these products will be donated.

Thank you for helping us support this amazing animal welfare charity and their dedicated work.

Dignity Drive Donation

Donation period March & August each year.
Help us end period poverty.

We're supporting Share the Dignity and their Dignity Drive in the month of August.

This charity directly supports people doing it tough and in need of period products. We believe that access to period products that includes reusable options is a human right and not a privilege. So we're encouraging you to join and contribute to our donation collection. Donation products listed are discounted for you to purchase and pay it forward to someone in need. 

Thank you in advance for supporting our goal to collect and donate as many reusable period products as possible.


Eligible NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) registered participants can use their funds to purchase our liner and pad products directly from our online website.

OUR AIM: Everyone deserves access to healthy, sustainable and safe products for any leakage requirements. NDIS is a way to ensure people who require reusable liners and pads can access them so they can get on with their daily routine protected, feeling comfy and worry-free.

Protecting Our Wildlife

We care deeply about Australian wildlife and knew we needed to take action when over 500 million animals – including 20,000 koalas – died in bushfires across the country in 2019. We launched a campaign to raise donations through the sales of our Cuddly Koala cloth pads. Our community came through and together we raised $4000 to the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital. 

OUR AIM: To give back to organisations that help care, protect, and keep the native species of Australia alive for many generations to come. 

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