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FAQ - General

The switch to any of our reusable products (liners/pads, menstrual cup, or face mask) is:

  • Better and healthier for your skin and body
  • Saves the planet from more disposable products
  • Cost-effective with long term savings

Almost 4.2 million Australian women aged between 14-54 would have purchased menstrual products (tampons, sanitary pads, panty liners) in the last month. The amount of waste these disposable options will produce in a year is ~45,000 tonnes.

Disposable tampons and pads can take hundreds of years to decompose and the toxic chemicals released into the earth and air is harmful on the environment, animals and humans. This is not only an Australian issue but a worldwide concern that should be taken seriously. hannahPADs/ hannahMASKs have a lifespan of 2-3 years or longer depending on personal use and care. In comparison to disposables, the organic cotton material can take about 12 months to biodegrade and compost.

hannahCUPs can last 2 years+ depending on personal use and care but must be discarded in regular household garbage.

Not only are we caring for Australia’s flora and fauna but we aim to bring the eco-friendly benefits of washable cloth pads to the world.

One of the most sensitive and absorbent areas on the body is the mucosal lining of the vagina. hannahPAD does not contain any bleach, dyes, dioxin, formaldehyde, pesticides, herbicides, and fragrance. In comparison, non-organic cotton is farmed with five of the nine most harmful pesticides. OCS100 certified and dermatologically tested.

hannahCUP is made from medical grade soft silicone and uncoloured.

You can be confident that your products are healthier and do not contain any harmful toxins used against the skin or inserted into the intimate area of the body.

This will in turn lower the chances of any skin reactions. Less irritation means a healthier and happier you.

We are an Australian owned company that supplies and distributes The Brand hannah’s products and supplementary products both responsibly made in South Korea (hannahCUP & hannahMASK) and in Vietnam (hannahPAD & Accessories). These reusable solutions are now accessible to people living here within the Southern Hemisphere.

The raw cotton is purchased in South Korea from a company sourcing organic cotton from GOTS certified producers in India. GOTS certified facilities must meet the high quality environmental and social compulsory criteria set out by the global founding organisations. These criteria includes: safe and hygienic working conditions, no child labour, fair living wages, no excessive working hours, regular employment provided, prohibited inhumane treatment and no practice of discrimination.

The raw cotton is then processed and manufactured in South Korea/ Vietnam under similar laws and fair working conditions to Australia. The employees receive all mandated benefits including sick leave, pensions, holidays etc. The Brand hannah values each and every professional seamstress with over 7 years of experience in garment construction. It is with their skills and attention to detail that we're able to have a positive impact on the world, one cloth pad at a time.

Wages and benefits paid for a standard working week, at a minimum, national legal standards or industry benchmark standards, whichever is higher.

hannahPADs are made to be reused and to last for several years. The organic cotton layer that touches the skin is extra soft, comfortable, breathable, and absorbent. Our reusable pads are also leakproof and come in a range of sizes, lengths, absorbency levels, and fun patterns.

This switch means no more skin irritations, unnecessary waste, and no more stuffy, sweaty, crunchy feeling in your pants. Bonus: No more pad runs to the local supermarket.

hannahCUP is the perfect medium firmness for beginners to menstrual cup use. Instead of absorbing flow, the cup collects flow and can be worn for up to 8 hrs at a time. Easy to use, wash, reuse and store. Same deal, no more tampon runs to the local supermarket. HOORAY!

Our hannahPAD offers a washable option for anyone currently experiencing the following:

  • regular menstruation

  • using a menstrual cup

  • vaginal discharge

  • spotting

  • pregnancy discharge/ postpartum bleeding

  • light bladder leakage

  • sensitive skin issues with store bought disposables

Our hannahCUP is suitable for people who are tampon users or interested in a menstrual cup switch. Our cup sizes can manage a light to moderate flow. It can also be used for people experiencing a heavy flow however, the cup will need to be emptied out throughout the day more frequently.

The bad odour that most people are familiar with actually comes from a reaction when the bloody discharge mixed with sweat and the toxic cocktail of chemicals in the disposable pad is exposed to oxygen.

Moreover, the chemicals that are used in the production of disposable tampons and pads adds to the overwhelming odour when it has been sitting against/ inside of you for several hours. To combat the odour issue, companies mask it by using artificial fragrances which again is another chemical.

When you give hannahPAD/hannahCUP a try, you might find it surprising that there is little to no odour.

It’s true that purchasing anything organic can be expensive. However, the price of hannahPAD products are relative to the top quality in the product itself. Organic cotton is limited in supply and must be handled carefully post-harvest plus the added production costs on smaller volumes.

Beyond the product, the value in the price extends to other key factors:

  • The health of cotton farmers (no handling of chemical pesticides)

  • Transparency knowing that a certified product actually contains organically grown material that's toxin-free

  • Supporting farming practices that protects the environment

  • Maintaining high standards for wildlife welfare

Choosing organic creates a healthier and happier future for us all on planet Earth.

hannahPAD 2+ years and longer depending on personal care and use.

Eg. Jenny (co-director of The Brand hannah AU) has been reusing her same set of hannahPADs for 5+ years. They’re still going strong. Keep in mind that if you need to reuse the liners/pads daily, they will get worn out sooner than when only using them once a month.

hannahCUP 2+ years and longer depending on personal care and use.

Eg. Winnie (team member) has been reusing her menstrual cup for 4+ years. She uses a combination of the Small cup (light flow days) and Medium cup for (heavy flow days).

hannahMASK 2+ years and longer depending on personal care and use.

Eg. hannah team members have been wearing their hannahMASKs even before it was made mandatory. They are still going strong 9 months on.

Glad you asked :) You'll be happy to know that if a button has simply popped off there may be a chance that it can be repaired.

Email us at with photos of the button issue and the team will assess it.

If it can be repaired, just mail your pad to:

The Brand hannah

441 St. Georges Rd, Thornbury VIC 3071

We'll stay in touch with you throughout the process and have your pad back out to you as soon as it's repaired. This way you can prolong the lifespan and reuse the pad for longer so nothing goes to waste.

Signs to retire your hannahPAD:

(The following are unlikely to occur in the first few years of use).

  • Hem falling apart

  • Stitching coming undone

  • Leaking through the outer patterned layer (internal TPU coating is worn out)

How to dispose:

  • All organic cotton sheets (top & internal layers ) are biodegradable and compostable. Feed them to the worms.

  • Plastic buttons are recyclable (#7 OTHER). Please check with your local council.

  • Outer patterned layer with TPU coating and thread should be discarded with regular household waste

Signs to retire your hannahCUP:

  • A tear appears on the cup

  • The stem is broken close to the base of the cup (causing a hole at the base)

  • Severe discolouration or bad odour

How to dispose:

The medical grade silicone cup must be discarded with regular household waste. This doesn’t need to happen for several years and depends on personal use and care.

As for hannahMASK, when you think it no longer fits and covers your face properly or is very misshapen due to repeated use and wash, or the straps and stitching comes undone, then it’s to replace it. Remove the label and discard with household garbage. The entire mask can then be fed to the worm- compostable.

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Our hannahPADs are suitable for any leakage management such as light incontinence and can be purchased directly online with us.

Eligible NDIS registered participants can use their funds on the purchase of pad products across our online store.

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