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Why should I switch to organic cloth pads?

It is important now than ever to switch to washable organic cloth pads as they are made from certified organic cotton that is unbleached and non-dyed, healthier on the body, reduces landfill waste, and just more bang for your buck.

  • Better against your skin/body
  • Saves the planet one washable cloth pad at a time
  • Cost-effective (long term savings)

What are the environmental benefits?

Almost 4.2 million Australian women aged between 14-54 would have purchased menstrual products (tampons, sanitary pads, panty liners) in the last month. You can only imagine the amount of waste these disposable options will produce in a year (~45,000 tonnes) from women with regular menstrual cycles.

Disposable tampons and pads can take hundreds of years to decompose and the toxic chemicals released into the earth and air is harmful on the environment, animals and humans. This is not only an Australian issue but a worldwide concern that should be taken seriously. hannahpads have a lifespan of 2-3 years or longer depending on personal use and care. In comparison to disposables, the organic cotton material can take about 12 months to biodegrade and compost.

Not only are we caring for Australia’s flora and fauna but we aim to bring the eco-friendly benefits of washable cloth pads to the world.

Where are the pads made?

We are proudly an Australian owned company that supplies and distributes hannahpads and supplementary products made in Vietnam and hannahcups made in South Korea. These reusable solutions are now accessible to people living within the Southern Hemisphere.

As the pads are sewn by professional seamstresses (and not on automatic machines), there may be a slight difference in the final product when compared to the sizing chart. Please not that the slight difference does not affect the functionality and comfort of the product when worn. 

What is hannahpad made of?

hannahpads are made of certified organic cotton that is unbleached and non-dyed which makes it safer to sit against your delicate skin and great for constructing the absorption layers in the core of the pad.

Note: There will be slight shrinkage on the natural cotton fibre with repeated use and wash. 

The outer layer (floral patterned layer) has a special TPU waterproof coating on the inside to prevent leaks.

All of the organic cotton used in the production of the pads are certified by the Control Union, a globally recognised inspection facility.

100% Recyclable plastic buttons.

What is OCS100 Certification?

OCS100 is certified to only those final products that contains 95-100% of organic material. The aim of OCS (Organic Content Standard) is to provide transparency, consistency and guarantee traceability whilst retaining the integrity of the organically grown material.

Close monitoring and verification of contents of the organically grown material throughout all stages of production ensures the product indeed contains organic material. In the textiles industry, the raw materials must come from controlled organic cultivation.

The Control Union is a renowned certification body that conducts mandatory checks on the use of the biologically grown cotton at all stages of processing and manufacturing.

Note: There will be slight shrinkage on the natural cotton fibre with repeated use and wash. 

Where is the organic cotton sourced?

Certified organic cotton used to make hannahpads are sourced mainly from India.

The untreated material is then turned into yarn and cotton sheets for the productions of the pads in South Korea. hannahpad works with suppliers providing organic cotton that are GOTS certified (Global Organic Textile Standard). GOTS certified facilities must meet the high quality environmental and social compulsory criteria set out by the global founding organisations. These criteria includes: safe and hygienic working conditions, no child labour, fair living wages, no excessive working hours, regular employment provided, prohibited inhumane treatment and no practice of discrimination.

The manufacturing factory in South Korea works only under fair and ethical conditions.

What's this Extra Grip feature?

We have added an extra grip feature to our smaller sized pads (Pantyliner, Small & Medium) to keep the pad securely in place when worn. Along with the button fasteners, your pad will stay in position and sit nicely against the skin so you can go about your day worry-free. 

This great idea came from baby socks!


Original Shape vs Narrow Shape

We have redesigned the shape on our Pantyliner and Small sizes for the perfect fit in your pants. Have a closer look below: 

Why do organic cloth pads cost more?

Purchasing organic can be expensive. However, the price of hannahpads are relative to the top quality in the product itself. Organic cotton is limited in supply and must be handled carefully post-harvest plus the added production costs on smaller volumes. 

Beyond the product, the value in the price extends to other key factors: 

  • The health of cotton farmers (no handling of chemical pesticides)
  • Transparency knowing that a certified product actually contains organically grown material that's toxin-free
  • Supporting farming practices that protects the environment 
  • Maintaining high standards for wildlife welfare

Choosing organic creates a healthier and happier future for us all on planet Earth.

What are the terms & conditions on discounted items purchased through a promotion period?

We run sale promos throughout the year that you can take advantage of for bigger savings. Please note that these sales may include instructions to apply a specific discount code at checkout or an automatic discount will be applied when completing a purchase online.

Discounted products purchased through any sale period cannot be returned, exchanged, and/ or refunded as sale purchase is final. This is due to the nature of the products (personal sanitary product) and hygiene reasons. Click here for detailed terms and conditions.  

Who can use hannahpads?

Our hannahpad offers washable organic cloth pads for anyone currently experiencing the following:

  • regular menstruation
  • menstrual cup users
  • vaginal discharge
  • spotting
  • postpartum bleeding
  • light bladder leakage
  • sensitive skin issues with store bought disposables

With our range of sizes available you can find a use for hannahpad when your unique requirement calls for it. The sizes of hannahpad ranges from Pantyliners (21cm holding 30-45ml) to Super Ultra (42cm holding 120-180ml).


What are the different types of hannahpads?

hannahpad is an AIO (all in one) style cloth pad meaning that there are no removable inserts to deal with. Instead, the internal cotton sheets are sewn to the core of the cloth pad.

This makes hannahpads easier to wear, change and wash.

Available in 7 different sizes:

Pantyliner, Longliner, Small, Medium, Large/Overnight, Ultra Overnight, and Super Ultra Overnight.

Over 10 different fun and colourful patterns available. 

Can I redeem a student discount?

We certainly do offer student discounts to encourage the younger generation to begin make their cloth pad switch with a healthier alternative. If you are a student (primary, secondary, tertiary or TAFE), feel free to take advantage of this offer. Here’s how:

  1. Send us an email to info@hannahpad.com.au to claim the student discount by attaching a photo of your student ID card with valid date. If there is no valid date on student ID card, send us an email via your student email address and we'll reply with your student code.
  2. You will then receive a unique once off student discount code for 20% off pad products only.
  3. Details of the discount will be emailed to you in reply with your unique code.
  4. When you've used your once off code on a purchase and realise you require more cloth pads to complete your switch, please email us again and we'll organise another code for you.

Note: Your student discount code can only be used on this official hannahpad Aus & NZ website.

Once validity is confirmed, the copy of student ID provided will be deleted and will not be kept on file.

If you have used your once off code and require more pads, please email us again with your current student ID with valid date and we'll organise a new discount code.

Are there any other discount codes available?

If you're not a student, you can sign up to our newsletter via the pop up window for 10% Off your first order. 

Discount code T&Cs: 

- Discount code applies to pad products only excluding Testers, Sale Items (ongoing sale and sale periods), Cleaning Items and Accessories. 

- Discount code cannot be applied with any other promo codes.

- Welcome discount code only applies to first purchase only.  

Find out how you can use your NDIS funds to purchase hannahpads!

Reusable certified organic cloth pads for light incontinence is available direct from hannahpad.

Eligible NDIS registered participants can use their funds on the purchase of pad products across our official online store.

Click here to take you to our contact form. In the message box please provide the following details:

Your Details (can be carer)

Full Name:

Email Address:

Contact Number: 

Participant Details (does not have to be account holder)

NDIS #: 

NDIS Participant's Full Name:

NDIS Participant's DOB:

Full Address: 

Plan Manager Email/ Contact Details (if known): 

List of products you wish to purchase (include quantity and pattern selection): 

Both Self and Plan Managed NDIS participants can enquire via email with us. Once information has been received, we'll reply with the invoice on your order which you can then provide to your plan manager or use for self managed NDIS account. 

What is the difference between a Tester Pad and a Single Pad?

Tester pad options are available in all 6 sizes. This is the first step in your reusable pad switch. A tester pad encourages you to give just ONE cloth pad a try to determine whether this is the reusable menstrual product for you.

Tester Pad Conditions:

  • First time orders only, 1 tester pad per customer
  • You pay for the one pad of choice and shipping is on us
  • Random pattern will be selected (image shown may not be the pattern received)
  • Cannot use a discount code on tester pad purchase
  • Cannot be combined with any other items
  • Choose size wisely as there is no exchange, return or refund on a tester pad purchase (refer to sizing chart)

Pads found through our Singles page includes our full range of sizes and patterns which you may select from. This is for people looking to expand their hannahpad collection with sizes, absorbency and patterns they need or for people choosing to create their own set. The pads under the Singles page incurs standard shipping at checkout.

Begin at the Tester Pad page if you're a new user and explore the Singles or Sets pages when you want to commit to reusable pads over time after trying ONE tester.

What is the difference between sets for menstruation, maternity and light incontinence?

All cloth pads listed on the site are the same. Meaning the internal and external make up of the pads are the same on every page of the site (Sets, Singles, Maternity, Light Incontinence).

All sets are curated to guide people to build their own collection of cloth pads (in specific quantity and sizes) to reach the goal of a complete switch.

Keep in mind that each set created may/may not be enough for a week's worth of use. It's only a starting point for your unique hannahpad collection. It is also good to factor in washing, drying time and amount of changes. This will become clear as you get into your routine with cloth pads.

Available Patterns:

Find the pattern chart below. There are more limited patterns available on the Sale page at discounted prices.


Size/ Absorbency Chart

Which side is suppose to sit against my skin?

It's the beige organic cotton side that faces up and touches your skin. Here's a blog to explain why we do not colour the cotton top sheet and internal layers: https://hannahpad.com.au/blogs/news/3-reasons-why-we-don-t-colour-our-hannahpads


Will the organic cotton stain?

The simple answer is yes. Your hannahpads will have slight staining over repeated use. This is very normal. As long as you’ve followed our washing instructions, they are completely clean inside and out.

The good news is that stains can be treated. You may consider the following stain removal products we highly recommend on your pads:

Tuff Stuff Stain Remover (for hand washing your pads)

Laundry Stain Remover (used as a soaker, paste or in a spray bottle for direct treatment)

These best selling cleaning products will keep your pads looking like new for longer.

What type of packaging do you use?

Here are the types of packaging we use:

    • 100% reusable and recyclable kraft paper boxes and wrapping
    • BIO-FILL: Biodegradable and compostable packing peanuts made from natural corn starch (static, odour and dust free)
    • GEAMI WRAPPAK EX: 100% renewable, recyclable and biodegradable
    • Home Compostable (AS 5810/ ABAP 20001) satchel bags. Used for orders up to 500g- https://www.betterpackaging.com/

On occassions we use Australia Post's satchel bags that can be mailed back for appropriate recycling. Alternatively, you can send these satchels to TerraCycle and REDcylce for recycling.

Ideally, we wish we didn’t have to send any sort of packaging with your purchase from our website, however, this isn’t possible as we want your products to arrive safely and undamaged through the delivery process. We have searched high and low for eco-friendly options and we’re happy that our efforts as a small company is making a difference in the world.

What payment options are available?

You may pay with the one of the following options that’s most convenient for you: Credit card payments (VISA, MasterCard & AMEX), PayPal, AfterPay and Laybuy. 

What taxes are charged?

10% GST exemption on all cloth pad products only. GST will remain on items categorised under cleaning and accessories.

The GST is excluded for purchases coming in from other regional countries we're able to supply to.

Please be advised for New Zealand residents that you do not pay for tax in Australia directly for your hannahpad order off our website. However, any customs, duties, levies, taxes payable on the order upon arrival in New Zealand are the responsibility of the recipient/ purchaser of the products.

Any defects that you find due to manufacturing will be sent back to hannahpad and postage will be paid for by the company, hannahpad Australia & New Zealand.

How can I make changes to my order?

If you want to make the following changes after placing your order, please send us an official enquiry/ request email to info@hannahpad.com.au

  • Changing postal address
  • Changing pattern choices, size or quantity
  • Adding on additional items to the same order
  • Extra button tailoring on your order

The best way for us to be notified of the above changes is by emailing us directly so we'll have an official record of your enquiry and get back to you with confirmation as soon as we can.

Please DO NOT private message via social media on matters regarding the above changes to your order as replies on Facebook and Instagram may be delayed for days.

We, however; will always reply to emails as soon as we can.

hannahpad will not be responsible for orders where the above changes were not communicated immediately via email or phone before order dispatch.

What are the tiny black dots on the cotton sheet?

The tiny black specks you may find on the top cotton layer of the pad are simply cotton seeds.

As the pads are made of organic cotton, very minimal chemicals and processing were used in the production of the organic cotton fabric. Keep in mind that different organic cotton harvesting periods will produce different looking material (no one batch are the same- this is the beauty of nature). Some will have more or less visible cotton seeds and may also be more visible upon washing.

The tiny black specks is nothing to worry about as it won't affect the soft feel of the cotton against your skin. It's a good sign that we've kept our organic cotton sheets as natural as possible so it causes no irritation to even the most sensitive skin.

Do I have to wash before first use?

Yes, please do a simple cold-water wash either by hand or in machine with natural laundry products. Hang to completely dry and place away ready for your first use.

How long can hannahpads last?

hannahpad will last for 2-3 years or longer, depending on personal use and care.

What hannahpad size should I use?

Disposables are changed more often throughout the day because of their lower absorbency, odour, and uncomfortable, stuffy feeling.

With hannahpads you will find that you won’t have to change as often as it provides secure protection against leaking, increased comfort, and higher absorbency.

For heavy flow days, size Medium, Large, and Ultra Overnight, Super Ultra Overnight would suffice for day/ night use.

NOTE: For light- medium flow days, size Small and Medium should be enough for day/night use.

As the pads are sewn by professional seamstresses (and not on machines), there may be a very slight difference in the final product when compared to the sizing chart. Please not that the slight difference in size does not affect the functionality and comfort of the product when worn.

Pantyliners are for people experiencing regular discharge or may want a back up to their alternative menstrual products such as organic cotton tampons or menstrual cups.

These are only suggestions and bear in mind that you would know your flow best, therefore; use the size and absorbency level you are currently using as reference to begin your switch to cloth pads.

It is medically recommended that you change your pad every 3-4 hours throughout the day, whether it be disposables or cloth. Keep in mind, depending on your flow you may need to change less/more frequently.

How many hannahpads should I purchase?

The amount of pads needed to get through one cycle can differ from person to person.

Factors to consider are the length of your cycle, your lifestyle, the number of heavy and light days and your washing routine.

If you've never used cloth pads before, the very first step is to purchase ONE tester pad to begin (Shop tab > Tester Pad page). This way you can experience the wear and wash required to using cloth pads. From there you can order either one of our Sets (Mini Starter Set, Starter Set, or One Week Set) and make additional purchases once you’ve determined what works for you after 1-2 cycles of use. You may need to add more in sizes/absorbency on top of your first set purchase.

Over time you'll be equipped with the appropriate amount of pads in the sizes that’s suitable to your requirements.

If you need extra assistance or advice, you may email us at info@hannahpad.com.au about your personal needs and we’d be glad to assist.

What are the different uses for hannahpad?

We believe in educating young people on how to better manage their menstrual cycles from a young age.

By using hannahpad, they can learn to be more in tune with their body’s natural state and do it with products that are gentler and safer. Plus, teens are sure to love our beautiful floral patterns they can pick out themselves to create their own cloth pad collection that will last them for years to come.

Dependent on your need there will always be a size and absorbency level that can cater to improving your light bladder leakage. You may check out our LBL (M) Set for light leakage or LBL (L) Set for medium leakage.

We do not recommend hannahpads to those who have heavy to severe bladder leakage.

To avoid skin irritation pads will need to be changed within 15 to 30 minutes after urinary discharge. Drying time of the pads must be considered when purchasing to have an adequate amount for your individual circumstances. Drying time is generally from 24 to 48 hours, longer during winter months.

We understand that expecting mothers are careful of the products they use during and after pregnancy.

No nasties will harm your baby in anyway with our unbleached and non-dyed organic cotton.

Our largest size, the Super Ultra Overnight will give you the ultimate coverage and protection during your postpartum recovery.

Take care of yourself with our extra comfy cloth pads that are great to lounge at home or sleep in as you recover and get on with being a new mummy.

How does hannahpad differ?

hannahpad guarantees that pads produced and sold are of the highest quality by conducting monthly quality control inspections during production of the product.

We ensure that the organic cotton layer touches your skin for extra comfort and dryness while the unique double stitching holds the absorbent layers and edges of the pad intact for durability.

The fun side of hannahpad is what sets us apart as we offer various patterns that we know you’ll enjoy expressing yourself with during that time of the month. You've got to keep it fun somehow and you'll be looking forward to your period each month with hannahpad.

The inside of this layer is also coated in a thin layer of TPU to keep the cloth pads leakproof.

hananhpad's organic certification: OCS100 (Organic Content Standard 100%) certified by the Control Union is your guarantee that the final product received does indeed contain organically grown cotton.

Will hannahpads leak?

No, hannahpads will not leak with proper use.

There is a waterproof TPU coating on the inside of the outer layer which prevents leakage by repelling fluids.

How to Use & How to Wash

Follow these steps:

  1. Rinse using cold water as soon as possible to remove any discharge
  2. Lather using our probiotic soap or any natural laundry detergent
  3. Soak in cold water for a minimum of 6 hours to overnight. Up to 48 hours if required, changing water daily
  4. Hand wash or machine wash
  5. Dry inside or outside, in the sun where possible

Note: When hand washing do not rub the extra grip external layer on Pantyliner, Small and Medium pads.

Click- How to UseHow to Wash & How to Fold

How do I store my hannahpads?

Before storing your pads make sure they are completely dry inside and out. Store pads away in a dry place, lay flat or folded.

Can you feel the snap when wearing the pad?

We haven’t yet had any customers say that the pads were uncomfortable because of the snap fasteners.

Because the wings with the snaps are wrapped around and snapped on the outside of the underwear, your skin will only touch the soft, comfy cotton and cushioned by the layers of cotton sheets that makes up the core of the cloth pad.

How to use hannahpads when out and about?

Washable cloth pads are not limited to just home use like most people think.

If you want to completely switch to cloth pads and only rely on your own collection of hananhapds without going back to disposables, then using them as part of your everyday lifestyle is necessary.

In the morning, pack a pouch full of fresh cloth pads (you'll already be wearing one). As you go through the day, you'll need to change your cloth pad every 3-4hours (less/more frequently depending on your flow).

Take off the used cloth pad, fold it and pop into the pouch/ wet bag. Grab a fresh new cloth pad and snap onto your underwear and you're ready to go. DO NOT wash out your used cloth pads when you're out and about.

By the end of the day, you'll have a pouch full of used cloth pads that you'll take home to rinse and wash thoroughly before hanging up to dry.

Read this blog post: On the go with hannahpad 

How often do I need to change?

It is recommended that you change your pad every 3-4 hours whether it be cloth or disposable pad. This is for hygiene reasons as well as ensuring you stay fresh and dry throughout the day. Some people may need to change less or more in comparison to the recommended 3-4hours changing guide dependent on the day and amount of flow.

What are the benefits for my skin?

One of the most sensitive and absorbent areas on the body is the mucosal lining of the vagina. hannahpad does not contain any bleach, dyes, dioxin, formaldehyde, pesticides, herbicides, and fragrance. In comparison, non-organic cotton is farmed with five of the nine most harmful pesticides.

You are truly free of toxins when using hannahpad's certified organic cotton cloth pads.

This will in turn lower the chances of any skin reactions. Less irritation means a healthier and happier you.

Will my cramps disappear using hannahpads

People with personal experience using washable cloth pads have provided feedback that their period pains have lessened or almost disappeared.

hannahpads will not expose your body to any harmful chemicals due to its chemical-free and fragrance-free philosophy. However, if you are experiencing pain outside the normal cramps or increasing pain over time, we strongly suggest consulting a medical professional for further investigation.

Is there any odour using hannahpads?

The bad odour that most people are familiar with actually comes from a reaction when the bloody discharge mixed with the toxic cocktail of chemicals in the disposable pad is exposed to oxygen.

Moreover, the chemicals that are used in the production of disposable tampons and pads adds to the overwhelming odour when it has been sitting against/ inside of you for several hours. To combat the odour issue, companies mask it by using artificial fragrances which again is another chemical added to the product.

hannahpads are made from certified organic cotton that are chemical- free, unbleached, non-dyed, and unscented. When you give hannahpad a try, you might find it surprising that there is little to no smell when you're using them and carrying them in your bag to take home to wash.

What can I do about some loose thread I found on my new pads?

As all of our pads are individually hand sewn, you may find some loose thread before or after washing. Sometimes after finishing up, the thread hides inside the pad rather than staying outside (which then is cut before being stocked).

This loose thread might come out before or after washing. You can simply cut the loose thread and use the pad as usual.

However, if the loose thread causes the entire stitching to fail, please contact us right away so we can replace your pad. If the stitching fails within 3 months of use, contact us foran exchange under our warranty policy.

I found some green spots developing on my pad. What is it?

If you're noticing some green spots forming on your cloth pads, then it's likely that the pad(s) have become mouldy.

The reason this has occurred is because the pad(s) was not completely dry (inside layers and top sheet) before storing away. This is likely to happen during winter months, hence; it's important to keep in mind that drying time could take 24 to 48 hours and longer during winter months.

You must ensure that the top sheet including internal cotton layers are completely dry before storing pads away.

The affected pad(s) can be treated to remove mould spores. Here's how:

    1.  Put affected pad(s) into a bucket 
    2. Sprinkle bicarb soda (sodium bicarbonate) directly onto beige cotton side
    3. Boil vinegar and pour over the pad(s)
    4. Leave to cool completely in the solution 
    5. Once cooled, go ahead to pop them into a regular cold water wash in the machine
    6. Do a spin cycle on the pads to remove as much moisture from the pads as possible
    7. Hang dry completely (24-48 hours or longer in winter months)  in a dry place preferably indoors near a big window where the sun gets in

The above treatment will kill mould spores but there might be slight discolouration that can be lifted with sodium percarbonate available at the laundry section of local health/organic stores. 

Please follow the instructions of the manufacturer of the product that you use for soaking and removing mould. For your health & hygiene DO NOT USE and dispose of your hannahpads immediately if any mould is still present.

It is each individuals responsibility to wash and maintain their pads once purchased.

hannahpad does NOT take responsibility for the incorrect use and/or washing and care of the products.

How do I dispose a hannahpad?

hannahpads last up to 3 years or longer with personal use and care.

You will know when it is time to retire your hannahpad when it begins to fall apart at the seams (not likely in the first few years of use). This is when you need a replacement.

- All organic cotton sheets (top & internal layers) are biodegradable and compostable.

- Plastic buttons (#7 OTHER) are recyclable.

- Outer patterned layer with TPU coating & stitching should be discarded with regular household garbage.

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