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Tips for insertion, removal and positioning

1. Inserting your hannahcup (you got this!)

Below are our suggestions for easy cup insertion:

1. Wash your hands with unscented mild soap and rinse your cup with water. Fold the cup using your preferred method: Punch down fold creates the smallest entry point (similar in size to a tampon). You can refer to the hannahcup instruction leaflet or ‘Which cup fold should I use?’ below for detailed folding methods.

2. Get comfortable. Either squat down, sit on the toilet or stand with one leg slightly elevated on a stable surface. Gently insert the cup into your vagina. Make sure the top curved rim goes in first with the stem pointing out, sliding the cup up and back at an angle towards your tailbone.

3. Once fully inserted, remove your fingers to allow the cup to pop open. You may need to adjust the cup to create a good seal. You can do this by gripping the base and rotating the cup gently.

4. To check the cup has created a seal, you can insert your finger to feel around the base of the cup to check for any folds, if you feel a fold, simply rotate the cup further around to help it pop open fully. Pull slightly on the stem to test for resistance. If you feel resistance, a seal has been created.


1. Practice in the shower. This is a great way to comfortably get used to inserting and removing your cup. You can practise insertion and removal at any time, that way when your period arrives you can feel prepared.

2. Use a natural water based lubricant to help slide the cup into your vagina!

2. Which cup fold should I use?

It can take a bit of time to find the right fold for you, but once you find a comfortable fold, it becomes much easier to then try other folds and techniques.

We suggest to initially try the punch-down fold, as this fold creates the smallest entry point for insertion. To assist creating the smallest entry point, it’s important to fold the cup tightly and hold firmly, as the looser you hold the cup when it’s folded, the wider the entry point will be.

3. Three common folds you can use on your hannahcup 

4. Having trouble getting the cup to pop open?

Don’t worry, we’re here to help! The ‘popping open’ of the cup once inserted can be a tricky step to master, but we promise, it just takes a bit of time and practise. -Firstly, it may be helpful to try a different folding method to the one you're using. As everyone’s anatomy is varied, finding the right folding technique could do the trick.

-Try inserting your finger to feel around the base of the cup, checking for any folds, if you feel a fold, rotate the cup further around to help it pop open. Sometimes you may need to rotate the cup 360° before it opens fully.

-If you can still feel a fold in the cup, try gently pressing your vaginal wall away from the fold to help create space for the fold in the cup to open.

-Your cup may not be sitting high enough in your vagina, try inserting your cup further inside your vagina, where the wall of your vaginal canal is wider. This can allow some more room for the cup to open up.

-Some people find a soft or medium cup easier to pop open, while others prefer a firmer cup. You can try running the cup under cold water to firm up the silicone, this can help to make the cup slightly firmer and will pop open easily when inserted.

5. Feeling stuck? Here’s some tips for removing the cup.

1. The trick is to get comfortable and relax. Either squat down, sit on the toilet or stand with one leg slightly elevated on a stable surface.

2. Reach for the stem of the cup and then go beyond the stem until you can grasp the base of the cup with the raised dotted grips, or slowly and gently pull the stem until you can reach the base (do not pull the cup out using the stem).

3. Try bearing down on your kegel muscles (like you're doing a #2) to ease the cup down the vaginal canal. Pinch base of the cup to break the seal.

4. Slowly remove the cup, while making sure the cup is upright to avoid spillage, remembering to take big deep breaths to relax your body.

1. Rocking the cup gently from side to side can ease the cup down the vaginal canal.

2. If possible, try removing your cup in the shower, where you can relax your muscles and not have to worry about any potential spills!

5. How long can I use the hannahcup for?

hannahcup can be worn for up to 8-12 hours. Depending on your flow you may need to empty your cup more frequently.

6. Help, my hannahcup is uncomfortable!

When inserted correctly, your hannahcup should not cause you any discomfort. There may be various reasons why your hannahcup is causing you discomfort.

-You may feel uncomfortable due to the stem, try to insert the cup higher into the vaginal cavity, so you can no longer feel the stem close to your vaginal opening. If you still feel uncomfortable, you can trim the stem slightly to shorten. Keeping in mind not to cut too close to the cup base, as you will need some stem to help with removal. Best to trim the stem one ridge at a time until you find your preferred length.

-The placement of the cup will vary as each person’s cervix and anatomy is different. To ensure a comfortable fit, insert your hannahcup so it sits just below your cervix.

-hannahcup comes in two different sizes: Small and Medium. You may need to try the smaller or larger size. It is important that you’re using a cup in the right size for you.

-It can simply take time for your body to get used to the feeling and idea of a menstrual cup. It may take a few tries to find the correct fold and positioning that suits you. Patience is key, and remember you can ask our friendly team members as many questions as you need. If you continue to experience any prolonged discomfort, please discontinue use of your menstrual cup and seek the advice of a medical professional.

7. Will the cup get lost inside me?

A menstrual cup cannot get lost in your vagina. It may move higher inside your vagina during use, but you will always be able to retrieve it. If you are experiencing trouble reaching the cup, try to relax your vaginal muscles as much as possible, gravity will assist the cup in sliding further down. To help ease the cup further down, use your abdominal muscles to push downwards (as if doing a #2) until you can reach the stem of the cup with your fingertips, then reach until you can find the base of the cup and remove.

hannahcup Specifications

1. What are the key features of hannahcup?

2. What is hannahcup made out of?

hannahcup is made from 100% Medical Grade Silicone. Our cup is natural in colour, non-toxic, BPA free, SGS Medical Device Tested, and FDA registered.

3. Where is hannahcup made?

hannahcup is proudly designed and made in South Korea. It all started there. We are an Australian owned company that has distribution rights to supply hannah products to our lovely customers within Aus & NZ! The manufacturing factory in South Korea works only under fair and ethical conditions. Regular inspections are conducted on both work conditions and the quality of the products produced to ensure that protocols are being followed accordingly.

4. What makes hannahcup different?

hannahcup is the right amount of medium firmness to ensure the cup can pop open easily when inserted and by pinching the base of the cup the seal can be broken for easy removal. It’s colourless so there’s no additives, non-toxic and BPA-Free. We’ve gone back to the drawing board a couple of times to ensure the cup has added features such as the dotted grips at the base to help with cup use experience. The soft stem is very comfortable and can be trimmed to suit your perfect fit.

Also unlike other cups, the size difference is determined by the average flow amount you experience and not whether a person has given birth vaginally or not. We concentrate on the folding techniques to make the insertion point small enough to insert, this way the focus is solely on the capacity the cup can hold. This makes it easier for people to know which size cup they need depending on flow (just like picking out pads!)

5. Are there different hannahcup sizes and which should I choose?

hannahcup comes in Small or Medium, our sizes are not based on pre or post birth but rather the amount of flow you experience in the menstruation phase. The Small cup is perfect for a light-medium flow, whereas the Medium would suit a moderate flow. If you have a heavier flow, it simply means you may need to empty and reinsert the cup a little more frequently.

It’s also important to consider the positioning of your cervix when choosing the cup size for you. If your cervix sits low, the Small cup may be the right fit for you, whereas if your cervix sits high, the Medium cup may feel more comfortable. This is due to the available space between your vaginal opening and your cervix.

A great way to understand where your cervix sits within your vaginal canal, is to simply check with 1 or 2 fingers. As the positioning of your cervix can change throughout the month, it’s best to check the position of your cervix just before or during menstruation. With a clean hand, slide your index finger into your vaginal canal, your cervix will feel like a soft cartilage with a small hole in the center. If you reach your cervix with your finger inserted to the first knuckle your cervix is sitting low, If you reach your cervix with your finger inserted to the second or third knuckle, your cervix is sitting mid to high. When inserted, your hannahcup should sit just below your cervix.

6. Why does it look like there's a hole at the base of the cup through to the stem?

The hannahcup stem is hollowed out, this way it's softer and more flexible making it comfier when you're inserting or removing. It may look like there is a hole that extends from the base of the cup down the stem, but the base of the cup is indeed fully sealed. So don’t worry, the blood will not drain through the stem!

The stem is purely there to help locate your cup and help with removal. If you find the stem is too long for you, it can be trimmed down to fit (keeping in mind not to cut it from the base, as you will need some stem to help with removal).

hannahcup Wash and Care

1. Do I need to wash my cup before first use?

Yes, we recommend a quick sterilisation on your cup in boiling water before first use. Simply place your cup in boiling water for 5 minutes to sterilise. Make sure the water is boiling before placing the cup into the water, this is to prevent it from touching the surface of the pot and burning. With tongs or a spoon, ensure the cup floats in the boiling water and does not touch the bottom of the pot.

*Do not use a microwave to sanitise your hannahcup.

2. In general, how do I clean my hannahcup?

Firstly, after removal, empty and wash your cup with cold water, to prevent any staining. Thoroughly wash your hannahcup with warm water, making sure to run water through the suction holes to make sure they are completely clean. Reinsert the cup for continued use. You can also use a mild unscented water based cleanser to wash your cup, however water will also do the trick!


To clean the suction holes, hold cup in one hand and fill it with water. Cover the opening of the cup with palm of the other hand. Press cup repeatedly to force water through the suction holes to remove any discharge.

We recommend sterilising your hannahcup before and after your cycle. Simply place your cup in boiling water for 5 minutes to sterilise. Make sure the water is boiling before placing the cup into the water, this is to prevent it from touching the surface of the pot and burning. With tongs or a spoon, ensure the cup floats in the boiling water and does not touch the bottom of the pot. Wipe or air dry the cup completely before popping it in your hannah pouch and store away in a cool, dry place.

3. What kind of soap can I use to wash my cup?

Make sure you use a mild unscented water based cleanser. Do not use alcohol, strong detergents or soaps with essential oils to clean or disinfect your cup. It’s important to make sure no nasty chemicals come in contact with your vagina.

Currently we do not have our own menstrual cup wash but we'll be working hard on making that available soon. Stay tuned. 

Hot boiling water is awesome for cup sterilisation.

4. Will my hannahcup stain?

You may notice some light staining over years of use. This is completely normal, as long as you follow the suggested wash and sterilisation methods, your cup is clean and totally fine to reuse.

5. How to rinse and clean suction holes of the hannahcup?

Follow the demonstration in the video below.

Always remember to rinse your cup thoroughly before reinserting. Also important to ensure suction holes aren't clogged up.

Can I use the cup if I…

1. Have a heavy flow?

Yes absolutely! The only thing to keep in mind is that with a heavier flow you may need to empty your cup more frequently. We would suggest using a hannahpad Pantyliner, Small or Long Liner to use as a backup when starting with your hannahcup.

2. Can I swim while using the hannahcup?

Absolutely, hannahcup is perfect for ensuring a leak-free swimming experience! Also awesome for any activity level.

3. Am a virgin?

Yes, you can certainly use hannahcup if you are a virgin. As soon as you begin menstruation you can start using your hannahcup. Best to start with a smaller sized cup and using the punch down fold– lots of practice and you can make hannahcup work for you.

4. Can I have sex with the cup in?

Please remove hannahcup prior to having sex. hannahcup is not a contraceptive device and will not protect you against pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections.

5. Can I urinate while using my hannahcup?

Yes! You do not have to remove hannahcup when you pee. The cup is sitting in your vagina while you urinate from your urethra.

Health & Medical Questions

1. Can I use the hannahcup with an IUD?

If you wear an IUD, we recommend that you please consult your medical practitioner prior to using hannahcup.

2. I have vaginismus, can I use hannahcup?

Some people who experience vaginismus have found menstrual cups are a comfortable option! We suggest trying out our Small hannahcup, using some natural water-based lubricant to aid with insertion (always test on skin for any possible allergic reaction). hannahcup offers a great medium firmness, which will make the insertion and removal process much easier than a cup that is too soft or too firm. Also, unlike tampons, menstrual cups are smooth and soft to touch.

Practice in the shower, when you are relaxed and comfortable. This is a great way to get accustomed to inserting and removing your cup.

As with trying anything new, it may take some time and patience to get used to using a menstrual cup and finding the right position or insertion method takes practice.

If you experience any prolonged discomfort, please seek advice from a medical professional.

Contact Us for Guidance

I have more questions that I can't find answers to. Where can I get some guidance?

Please contact us via email with any further questions you may have about hannahcup use and care. Click here to our contact form. Really nothing is TMI or too silly of a question :)

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