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hannah AU Brand Ambassadors

Nikki Gonda (Founder of My Moonbox)

Nikki Gonda is a period expert, nutritionist and founder of My Moonbox. With her company she is on mission to provide women with a natural approach to reclaiming hormonal health & transforming the way they experience their periods. 

Using her background in nutritional health science, combined with embodiment practices Nikki has helped thousands of women eliminate period problems through her educational courses & high quality Moonbox products and has witnessed the life changing rewards for periods, fertility, overall health, careers and relationships. With My Moonbox Nikki is introducing a new “normal” for periods, where women can take the driver’s seat and put an end to cyclic suffering.

Nikki believes that living your life in sync with your cycle and in support of your hormones is the missing key when it comes to feeling your best and living your most vibrant, fulfilled life! To find out more about Nikki & My Moonbox, head to or @mymooonbox on instagram for daily tips to improve your menstrual health.

Demi Spaccavento (Founder of Bright Girl Health)

Demi Spaccavento is the founder of Bright girl Health, a women's health educator, author and high school teacher. 

With Bright Girl Health Demi brings much needed menstrual health education to schools. She presents to thousands of students across Australia each year, empowering them to embrace their menstrual cycle. 

Demi has no filter when it comes to talking about periods and believes that we should never be kept in the dark about our own bodies. She believes that the menstrual cycle does not have to be your enemy - it can be your greatest tool for better health and wellbeing!

Demi is passionate about sustainable period care options that are better for the planet as well as being kinder to our hormones.

For anyone interested in learning more about menstrual health head to Demi's official websiteYoutube channel and follow on Instagram for lots of period talk.

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