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The Lost Dogs' Home Donation

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You can't change their past, but you could rewrite their future.

Why this means a lot to us:

It's been tough given the circumstances we continue to face in the world. As you would know it, overtime uncertaintiesĀ take a toll on animals and humans alike.Ā No matter the struggles, the comfort you get from a devoted furbaby is unparalleled. This is why we'd like to give back and help continue the work toĀ foster strongĀ connections between animals and humans.Ā 


Adopted from the TheĀ Lost Dogs' Home back in November 2019 before lockdowns, Jeffery our now 11 y/o rescue staffy has been an important addition to our directors' (Jenny & Marcus) family and home, and to our office.

His presence has brought so much joy to us.Ā 

Jeffery'sĀ role in our lives means a lot as we enter lockdowns time and time again. He's supported our team's mental health with his silent companionship and brightened up some of our difficult days. So we feel absolutely fortunate to provideĀ Jeffery aĀ loving furever home with us.

Help us rewrite their future.

Products listed here are discounted at 10% OFF for you (we will cover the rest) to purchase and help raise donations to theĀ TheĀ Lost Dogs' Home.Ā No promo codes can be used on this collection.Ā 

10% of total sales from the listedĀ products will be donated to The Lost Dogs' Home.

Thank you for helping usĀ support this amazing animal welfare charity and their dedicated work in caring and rehoming dogs and catsĀ šŸ’•šŸ¶ šŸ±šŸ’•



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hannahPAD Size Chart
hannahPAD Size Chart - mob


hannahPADs are designed in South Korea and responsibly made in both South Korea & Vietnam.

hannahPADs are made of certified organic cotton kept at its most naturalā€“ unbleached and undyed so even the most sensitive skin can reuse them. By harnessing the power of nature, organic cotton is great for constructing the absorption layers of the pad.Ā 


Certified organic cotton (natural, unbleached & non-dyed)

TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) coating on the inside of the patterned layer.

Why TPU? Heat is used to laminate the TPU on cotton fabric instead of using chemical solvents. The end product is much softer and breathable compared to PUL. TPU is a safe inert material commonly used in the medical industries. This waterproof layer must be discarded in regular household garbage when retiring your pads.Ā 

Extra grip: Silicone dots keep pad securely in place when worn. Only on sizes Thongliner, Pantyliner, Long Liner, Small, and Medium.

Snap Fasteners: Easy to fasten and durable. Recyclable plastic (#7 Other).

The Lost Dogs' Home Donation
Pantyliner Set / Curious Cat - $58.28 AUD
  • Pantyliner Set / Curious Cat - $58.28 AUD
  • Pantyliner Set / Garden Kitten - $58.28 AUD
  • Pantyliner Set / Playful Puppy - $58.28 AUD
  • Small Set / Curious Cat - $76.28 AUD
  • Small Set / Garden Kitten - $76.28 AUD
  • Long Liner Set / Curious Cat - $89.78 AUD
  • Long Liner Set / Garden Kitten - $89.78 AUD
  • Long Liner Set / Playful Puppy - $89.78 AUD
  • Medium Set / Curious Cat - $103.28 AUD
  • Medium Set / Garden Kitten - $103.28 AUD
  • Large Set / Curious Cat - $70.07 AUD
  • Large Set / Playful Puppy - $70.07 AUD
  • Ultra Set / Curious Cat - $80.87 AUD
  • Ultra Set / Playful Puppy - $80.87 AUD
  • Super Ultra Set / Curious Cat - $94.50 AUD
  • Super Ultra Set / Playful Puppy - $94.50 AUD

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