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isoi Self-Care Mask Packs

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Remember to pamper yourself especially during that time of the month.

All skin types are beautiful and occasionally requires some TLC. You are worth the time it takes to slow down, be still, and have a pamper sesh in peace and comfort.

One of our missions is to provide natural, skin-friendly products for people with sensitive skin. Gentle and calming on the skin, isoi care mask is a great way to pamper yourself and enjoy the small pleasures in life. 

✔️ Natural and high quality ingredients are carefully selected to enhance the natural abilities, restore, and strengthen the skin. 

✔️ Focused on providing skin care that’s suitable for sensitive skin.

✔️ EWG (Environment Working Group) verified. EWG is a non-profit environmental organisation in the US that helps consumers choose and purchase safer products by providing clear information on ingredients.  

* all ingredients are standard of the US FDA, EU, Health Canada and Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan. 

Mask Types:

1st Speedy Mask (Blue): Suitable for sensitive, acne prone skin. A sheet mask infused with Eastern & Western plant extracts to calm troubled areas. 

Blemish Care Mask (Pink): Suitable for all skin types. Great on blemishes and dark spots. A sheet mask infused with the award-winning Blemish Care Serum II. 

Cica SOS Mask (Green): Suitable for dry, sensitive skin. Delivering hydration to strengthen the skin barrier. A sheet mask infused with natural botanical ingredients.

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isoi Self-Care Mask Packs
1st Speedy Mask (Blue) 6pk - $64.00 AUD
  • 1st Speedy Mask (Blue) 6pk - $64.00 AUD
  • Blemish Care Mask (Pink) 6pk - $64.00 AUD
  • Cica SOS Mask (Green) 6pk - $64.00 AUD
  • Mixed 6 Pack (2 of each) - $64.00 AUD

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