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Organic Nursing Pads Pack

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Product Details

Breathable yet leak-proof breast pads to support you on your breastfeeding journey and give you total confidence to get on with your day. When you no longer need to manage leaks, these round pads double as reusable facial cleansers.

  • Pack includes 6 nursing pads with a wet bag
  • Certified organic cotton* absorbent layers
  • Medical grade TPU** waterproof coating
  • Unbleached and undyed – zero toxins on your skin!
  • Silicone dots with add extra grip 
  • Easy to wash and reuse
  • Slim, discreet design

*Made from organic cotton instead of bamboo as cotton doesn't require harsh chemical processing (hydrolysis alkalisation). Same material as our hannahpads.

**TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) instead of PUL (polyurethane laminate) as it does not use a chemical bonding agent to adhere to fabric, and is breathable yet leak-proof. Same material as our hannahpads.

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    Organic Nursing Pads Pack
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