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Why choose organic cotton reusable nursing pads?

Why choose organic cotton reusable nursing pads?

Leaky boobs? We’ve got you! Our organic cotton reusable nursing pads are made to help manage any breast leaks experienced during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

But what’s the difference between reusable and disposable nursing pads, or even organic cotton vs bamboo? Here’s everything you need to know about choosing the best nursing pad option for you!

Leaky Boobs

Leaking is common in the early stages of breastfeeding while your milk supply is still adjusting. How you experience leaks is different for everyone, you might not leak at all or you may leak for as long as you breastfeed your baby. Leaks may occur when you hear your baby cry, while you’re breastfeeding, when your breasts are full, during sexual encounters or for no reason at all.

Our nursing pads are available in a 2 pack or 6 pack, grip or no grip

Reusable vs Disposable

The first thing to consider when purchasing nursing pads is whether to go for the disposable or reusable option.

Disposable pads are made to be worn once and discarded, they usually have a sticky backing to adhere to your clothes. 


  • Convenient, no washing required
  • Inexpensive to purchase during the breastfeeding period


  • Environmentally unfriendly
  • Expensive in the long run
  • Have to keep stocking up when you run out
  • Many contain harmful chemicals
  • Also contains plastic that makes them non-breathable 

Reusable nursing pads are made to be washed and reused. They are often made with more natural ingredients and can have a leak-proof layer.


  • Convenient, always have a pair on hand
  • More natural than most disposables
  • Environmentally friendly, they last years!
  • One-off purchase
  • Very breathable


  • Expensive initial purchase
  • Washing is required 

Our reusable nursing pads are made from organic cotton so they’re natural, breathable and comfortable. There are no nasties or harmful chemicals in any of the materials used. We use organic cotton rather than bamboo. As bamboo, unless mechanically processed, goes through harsh chemical processing called hydrolysis alkalisation, leaving chemical residue in the material.

hannah's nursing pads also have a leak proof lining made from TPU (thermoplastic urethane) rather than the commonly used PUL (polyurethane laminate), as it does not use a chemical bonding agent to adhere to the fabric. TPU, unlike PUL, also allows airflow through while being leakproof so the breast pads are breathable when used. This is especially important because impeded airflow results in sweaty, stuffy feeling on the skin which may lead to infections. 

You never have to worry about leaks as you go about your day.

Using and Washing Reusable Nursing Pads

Nursing pads should be changed when they are wet and feels damp, as it’s important to keep your nipples dry. This means when you’re out and about you can use a carry bag like our wet bag to store and separate your used and clean pads. We have a nursing pad + wet bag pack that you can shop here.

Keep your nursing pads handy wherever you go. Choose from various patterns HERE

Washing your reusable nursing pads is pretty simple, just rinse then hand or machine wash under 60°C. So if you’re already cloth diapering your little one or using hannahPADs yourself, it’s easy to throw everything in the wash together!

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