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The Low Down on What's New at hannahpad AU & NZ!

The Low Down on What's New at hannahpad AU & NZ!

Have you seen all the exciting changes at hannahpad recently? If not, don’t worry! We’re here to give you the low down on what’s new 👌

- Extra Grip feature -(registered patent design in Korea and patent pending worldwide- WIPO)

- Enhanced shape (on Pantyliner & Small pads)

- New adorable patterns 

- Updated absorbency

- Washable Wet Bag 

 hannahpad new logo


Extra Grip

A never before seen patented feature that everyone is raving about since its launch. The silicone dots on the pattern side of the pad provides the best grip onto your underwear! Inspired by non-slip baby socks, this design has been trialed, tested and perfected to ensure your pad stays secure when worn. All the details down to the amount and innovative layout (floral motif- just genius!) of the grips were considered and reworked.

The response to this has been incredible, with 98% of users through our customer trials claiming it has improved the pad positioning and wear ability significantly! This new feature is available on all Pantyliner, Small and Medium sizes.

non-slip certified organic cloth pads

It works: The floral motif maximises the effectiveness of the silicone grips.


Just a note that the new extra grip range does not change how you dispose of the pad when it's time to retire it. Most of it is still biodegradable or recyclable, but we recommend a slight change in your washing routine.

Due to the nature of the silicone dots, instead of gripping the pad to rub it together, it’s best to use a soft bristle brush to work out stains. Try avoid rubbing the patterned side with grips and focus cleaning for stain removal on the beige cotton side. This way you can extend the life of your pad and ensure the silicone dots don’t wear down too much over-time.

Same slim design: Extra grip feature makes your pads more secure without the bulk!



Slimmer than ever

We’ve redesigned our smallest sizes to create a narrower shape that contours to your body seamlessly. Our Pantyliner and Small now have a decreased width to create a perfect fit—it feels like you’re wearing nothing at all! However, if you're still a fan of the original shape, shop our Small pad on the sale page—until stock lasts!

Check out the difference below:

cloth pad hannahpad new 2019

Original shape vs New narrow design.



Fun New Patterns!

6 new patterns were added to the hannahpad range, and we’re so obsessed!

3 new animals - Curious Cat, Playful Puppy and Cuddly Koala.

Meet Hannah, she embodies a spirit of self-acceptance and confidence. How we should all be feeling about natural bodily functions. Available in 3 fun colours: Blue, Pink and Green.

These new patterns are available alongside our much loved florals.


Certain original patterns have been discontinued, you can find them on our sale page and grab them at a bargain before they’re sold out. For good!




Still Super Absorbent

Some of you may have noticed that our absorbency chart looks a little different, and it may seem like our pads don’t hold as many millilitres (ml) as they previously did.

In fact, the absorbency of our pads haven’t changed! Instead we’ve upgraded our testing methods to ensure the most accurate and reliable results that mimic everyday pad usage, with recommended pad change every 3-4 hours.

We recognise that the previous absorbency testing did not reflect typical pad use, and with recent design changes it was important to provide information that is up to date and realistic to help guide your transition to cloth pads.

Our Small, although thin, can hold up to 2 tampons worth of blood, and our Super Ultra 6! 

hannahpad nonslip absorbency

Note: hannahpad absorbency is measured in comparison to a tampon that can hold up to 10ml of fluid and is only an estimation. Pad absorbency will depend on amount and consistency of flow and own requirements. 



Washable wet bag for when you're out and about

People often wonder about using hannahpads when they're out of their home and we've designed an easy and discrete solution—our new wet bag! With two internal compartments and lined with the same waterproof coating as our pads, you can separate your clean and used hannahpads.

Take this handy wet bag to the bathroom when you change throughout the day. Your pads will stay securely stored inside, ready to be washed when you get home. Odourless, simple and oh so cute!

hannahpad wetbags for cloth pads

Available in 4 new patterns. Featured above: Polka Dots 


Those are all the changes for now, but keep your eyes peeled because there’s more coming very soon! That's right, we're not done with the new stuff in 2019 :)

If you want to be in the know on new product launches and events be sure to follow us on social media @hannahpad_australia and subscribe to our newsletter (via pop up window on our site)!


hannahpad new logo Certified Organic Clothpads



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