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What is PUL and TPU fabric? 4 reasons we choose TPU for reusable pads

What is PUL and TPU fabric? 4 reasons we choose TPU for reusable pads

Polyurethane Laminate (PUL) and Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) fabrics make reusable pads waterproof. Some cloth pads have PUL or TPU between pieces of fabrics so that it’s not visible, while others use it as the outer layer of the pad. When used in this way, it can cause the pad to shift within your underwear, so we use a thin TPU coating on the inside of the outer layer for leak-proof comfort. We’ve even got an extra grip feature on the external layer that will keep your pad in place. Let’s take a look at a few of the reasons why we selected TPU when carefully constructing our reusable pads.

#1 TPU is toxin free

The main difference between PUL and TPU is that PUL is a type of plastic that uses chemicals in production, whereas TPU is bonded using heat rather than chemicals. It’s the toxin free period choice! Just don’t tumble dry your reusable pads because it can damage the heat bonding on this waterproof layer.

We chose this type of coating as it’s the safest product to use. We considered using natural latex rubber, but to make our pads accessible for everyone – including those with latex sensitivity – we decided it was not viable. While TPU is a type of plastic, it’s an inert material in the form that we use it in. This means that there are no active compounds and it’s unable to form any compounds that could cause the release of toxins. Our focus is on making the safest products for both you and the environment, and TPU has a cleaner and safer production method that we can be proud to use.

#2 TPU is medical grade safe

Hannahpads are made of certified organic cotton that is unbleached and undyed, which makes it safer to sit against your delicate skin. The outer layer has a special TPU coating on the inside to prevent leaks. TPU is the safest product to use because it’s the same medical grade TPU that’s used in the medical profession for IV and wound dressings that are in immediate contact with the skin, as it is safe to do so.

#3 TPU has a better feel

You’ve probably come across PUL before. Common products like raincoats use this material. It has a crunchy sound and feel when worn and isn’t very breathable. PUL uses a solvent and chemical process to laminate the polyurethane to fabric, while TPU uses heat without any solvents or extra chemicals to laminate the polyurethane to fabric. 

In our case, heat is used to adhere the TPU on the floral pattern cotton sheet, making it waterproof. This process creates a softer product compared to PUL – no crunchy pads please!

#4 TPU is breathable

Pads with synthetics and plastic like PUL tend to be bulkier and don’t allow air flow. Hot, damp pads promote the growth of bacteria and can lead to yeast infections. We use a thin coating of TPU because it’s soft and breathable for a comfy fit and feel you’re going to love.

Did you know that pad and tampon companies don't need to disclose the ingredients in their sanitary products? Aside from being made of up to 90% plastic, they've been found to include styrene (a carcinogen), chloroethane and chloroform. In other words, not great for the most delicate part of your body.

Make the switch to our certified organic cloth pads and medical grade silicone menstrual cups. Our reusable pads can last 2+ years with good care. Not only will you save money, but you'll divert hundreds of single-use pads and tampons entering landfill each year! Healthy you, happy planet. Start your journey now with a tester pad.

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