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What is Organic Living?

What is Organic Living?

What is organic living?

Organic living is not simply the notion of buying organic products and produce (although that’s certainly a big part of it!), it’s more about embracing a lifestyle and mentality that is centred on environmental awareness, healthy living and holistic organic practices.

Organic living means reducing harmful toxins from our daily lives, from agricultural practices and from manufacturing. The benefits? Safer/healthier conditions for workers and animals, less produce and product that contain harmful toxins and a healthier natural environment [1].

People today live busy fast-paced lives and seek products that are convenient and at hands reach. We totally get it, but unfortunately, convenience often comes with a whole lot of unwanted toxins and waste! Many of us are unaware that countless conventional cleaning or personal care products contain chemicals such as Phthalates - toxic binding agents that soften plastics [2].

Here at The Brand hannah AU we believe it is very important to know exactly what is in the food we eat and the products we use. The fewer toxins we put on and into our bodies on a daily basis the better!

That’s why the beige top sheet and internal layers of hannahPAD are made with 100% OCS100 certified organic cotton, which is non-dyed and untreated. This organic cotton is then turned into yarn and made into the cotton sheets to create hannahPADs and hannahMASKs. You can read more about why we choose OCS100 certified cotton here.

We understand it’s difficult to completely avoid toxins in the world we live in today, but when and where possible, choose organic living and help create healthier humans & a happier planet.



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