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Treat Yo Elf This Holiday Season - #greenchristmas

Treat Yo Elf This Holiday Season - #greenchristmas

Christmas is about giving—to your friends and family, to yourself, to the environment and the planet. So this year we are focusing on promoting a greener holiday season with our limited edition Christmas packs. Because in Australia it's not a white Christmas, it's a green Christmas!

This Christmas we are having a special sale by releasing three unique packs that will only be available during the sale period! You save 20% off with each pack and we'll even include a special surprise gift for all Christmas pack purchases. Shop our Christmas packs here.

Christmas Edition hannahpad Packs: 

Express Yo Elf pack

With 2 pantyliners and 1 small this pack is perfect for spotting or catching discharge from ovulation, before and after your period. These sizes can also be used as a cup backup, greening all your period products YAY! If you're thinking about making the switch to cloth pads and just want to test the waters a little, this affordable pack is a great place to start. This pack is only $30.68 down from $38.35. SHOP NOW! 

Believe in Yo Elf pack

This pack contains three of our most popular sizes: 1 pantyliner, 1 small and 1 medium. This is a great way to try a variety of sizes and see how they fit into your menstrual cycle. Our pantyliners and smalls are perfect for spotting before and after your period or catching any discharge from ovulation. While our medium is our regular sized pad in the range and perfect for light to medium flow days. This pack is only $39.48 down from $49.35. Shop now and save 20%.

Treat Yo Elf pack

A fantastic way to test out our pads during those light to medium flow days is with 1 small, 2 mediums and 1 large. Our large pad is perfect for heavy flow days or overnight usage with its extra length. This pack is only $70.24 down from $87.80! 

hannahpads are a gift that keeps on giving for a healthier you and a happier planet. So get jolly this holiday season with a very special eco gift from hannahpad.

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