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Tax Exemption Should Include ALL Reusable Menstrual Products

Tax Exemption Should Include ALL Reusable Menstrual Products

Australian Greens Senator, Janet Rice has informed us that reusable hygiene products such as period cups, reusable pads and period underwear have now been added to the Axe the Tampon Tax Bill 2018. More details about the amended Bill can be found here

This is absolutely awesome news! However, we're not going to let it end there because the Greens and Labor parities need our support more than ever to #axethetax on ALL menstrual products in Australia. Please continue to share and sign our joint petition in support of our campaign and make a difference. We appreciate every signature of support because it is our right to choose and find a suitable period product to manage what naturally flows and have these products affordable.


We want the Tampon Tax (10% GST) in Australia to include reusable menstrual products not only on conventional single-use pads and tampons for the following reasons: 

  • Natural bodily functions should never have been taxed in the first place
  • To make conventional and reusable options affordable for people 
  • To encourage people to consider sustainable options for their own requirements (period, postpartum, incontinence)
  • Reduce menstrual waste ending up in landfills and waterways 

Since July 2000, we have been paying the Tampon Tax on our pad and tampon products that we use to manage our periods, pregnancy, postpartum, incontinence and daily vaginal discharge. We purchase these products on a regular basis out of necessity and not for indulgence. 50.2% of the Australian population would agree that there is nothing luxe about the constant changes our body goes through in a lifetime of periods, postpartum bleeding, bladder leakage and vaginal discharge.

The topic of tax removal on period products has been debated in schools and parliament prompting you to think:  "why are we still paying GST on a natural bodily function?" You're not alone in that thought and feeling of frustration. 

Through the debates, discussions and even with the Greens pushing for this tax exemption on period products for years and still nothing has changed.

The turnaround came on 29th April 2018 when the Labor and Greens proposed the push to remove the Tampon Tax. This announcement was great news understandably for most, however, this step forward does not include reusable period products such as menstrual cups, cloth pads and period underwear. This is very disappointing not only for us but other like-minded companies in Australia: Modibodi, Lunette Australia and Juju. We are all trying to make a positive change in the world with reusable menstrual options that benefits people and the environment.

More than ever before, people are aiming to live consciously through a minimal zero waste lifestyle because of facts like this- half of the Australian population is contributing about 45,000 tonne of menstrual waste each year into landfills and waterways that do not break down or degrade. This shocking reality has motivated us to educate people about cloth pad use and other reusable options so they can make their own informed decision to switch to eco-friendlier solutions and relieve a bit of the burden off our planet.

To get the momentum going on this tax removal, we teamed up with ModibodiLunette Australia and Juju to ask Federal Minister for Labor, Tanya Plibersek and Australian Greens Senator, Janet Rice, to change this position and include reusable menstrual products in their tax exemption policy.

Our #axethetax campaign has gone live and here are some of your responses:  


We are mobilising support to bring about change and include reusable menstrual cups, cloth pads and period underwear as part of the new policy because it's our right to choose from sustainable and affordable options for all the changes our body goes through in a lifetime. 


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