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Save $1080 by switching to reusable pads – better for your pocket and our earth

Save $1080 by switching to reusable pads – better for your pocket and our earth

You know that reusable pads and menstrual cups are better for the environment and even safer for you (if you missed that, read more about the harmful toxins in disposable pads here and the benefits of certified organic cotton here) but what about your pocket? How much will switching to a greener alternative save you in the long run?

Over the next five years, you’ll have 60 periods. What that will cost you depends on how heavy or light your flow is, and how many days your period usually lasts, but we can give a general idea. Let’s take a look!


You’re probably changing your tampon every 4 hours – again, this depends on how light or heavy your flow is and which tampon capacity you’re using. A box of 16 regular tampons costs around $6. Using one tampon every four hours over five days (minus overnight where you should use a pad instead to avoid toxic shock syndrome) means that you’re probably using around 25 tampons per cycle, which comes to a whopping 1,500 tampons every five years.

That’s a lot of landfill! What’s more, it’s costing you $510 just for the tampons. You’ll also need to add onto that cost the pads you use overnight and for emergencies. 

The answer? Menstrual cups. It’s recommended that you change your menstrual cup every 2–3 years, so you would only need to purchase 2 hannahcups over the next 5 years. One cup is just $36.95 so you’ll just need to buy a 2 pack for a total cost of $73.90. That’s it! You can safely wear our medical grade silicone cups overnight, while traveling and on the go, and it’s easy to clean with boiling water, so there’s no extra hidden costs. Take a look at our blog here for more reasons why you’ll love switching to hannahcup.


Disposable pads hold less menstrual fluid and carry way more bacteria, so it’s recommended that you change your pad every 3 to 4 hours.

A box of 10 regular pads costs around $6 depending on the brand you’re using. Changing your pad every four hours means you’ll be using 6 pads per day. Times that by 5 days and you’ll be using 30 pads per cycle. 

Over 5 years and 60 periods? You’re going to be throwing away 1,800 pads! With 10 pads per box, that’s 180 boxes. What a waste of $1,080!

With hannahpad, your first purchase of reusable pads can last the entire 5 years. Of course, this depends on personal care and frequency of use and wash. Some people even tell us that their pads are still going strong closer to 10 years! You can try a hannahpad liner from $12.95 and a pad for better absorbency from $16.95. We have a tester pad offer that includes free shipping.

If you have a lighter flow like Katie with a collection of 9 hannahpads, you would spend $185.55 to create your collection that would last the full 5 years and perhaps even longer with proper care. If you wanted to wash and re-use your pads between days 1 and 3 and purchase fewer pads, you could save even more!

You’ll be saving $900, which can go towards a holiday, a new experience or just extra savings for house renovations or kids! Check out our full guide on how to figure out how many cloth pads you’ll need here. You can even see images of Winnie's 4+ year old hannahPADs with very minimal staining and some piling. They’re looking great after years of repeated monthly use and washing. Here’s a quick overview of the number of pads you may need, depending on your flow length and type.
With the average person menstruating until the age of 51, think about how many thousands of dollars you’re going to save in the long run by switching to reusable options now! If you started your period at 13, that means you’ll have about 456 periods over 38 years. The cost? $8,208.

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