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How To Sanitise hannahpads

How To Sanitise hannahpads

People often wonder about the cleaning process for hannahpads and a standard cold hand wash or machine wash is typically all you need. But if you’re looking for a deep clean you can sanitise your pads, this is especially important if you have thrush, a UTI or STI to ensure your pads are disinfected for the next cycle.

Thrush: a fungal infection caused by candida [1]

UTI: an infection of the urinary system, kidney, bladder or urethra [2]

STI: an infection transmitted by sexual contact caused by bacteria, viruses or parasites [3]

When sanitising your pads we recommend using sodium percarbonate, an oxygen bleach that acts as a disinfectant on bacteria without leaving any harmful byproducts or residues. It also stain treats the pads and is environmentally safe, you can find it through most health/organic stores- laundry aisle. Our probiotic soap is also great for helping promote good bacteria and purify the environment in your pad.

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The 5 steps for sanitising your pads:

1. Wash your pads as you usually do (following our washing instructions) and rinse.

2. Place your pads in a bucket with some sodium percarbonate powder. 

3. Pour hot water (75 degrees or higher but not boiling as this can damage the TPU), over the powder and fill the bucket to activate the chemical; it should start to create a foam.

4.  Leave your hannahpads in this solution for a few hours or overnight.

5. Rinse your pads thoroughly and hang to dry completely (best under the sun).

This is one of the rare cases that we tell you to use hot water as we typically recommend using cold water to prevent staining. If you do suffer from thrush, a UTI or an STI it is important that you properly sanitise your pads after each cycle to ensure the bacteria is being disinfected and doesn't spread. This also applies to underwear and you can follow the same steps for sanitisation. If you're just after a deep clean you can do this every 3-4 months.





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