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Reusable pads or period undies – what’s the difference?

Reusable pads or period undies – what’s the difference?

You’ve probably got the gist of why using sustainable period products is better – cost effective, no nasties and zero waste. But with so many choices out there, how do you know which one’s for you? Let’s take a look at the differences between reusable pads and period undies so you can decide what’s best for you.


Although chucking on a pair of period panties and going about your day sounds like a dream, the reality is that a lot of period undies users just aren’t finding that to be the case.

Here’s the dilemma. If you’re out and about and need to freshen up your period panties, you’re going to have to carry around a back up pair of period undies or a clean pair of underwear and another form of period protection. Who has the space in their handbag for all that backup, and, let’s be honest, it’s a bit of a hassle to take off your underwear, clothes and shoes in a public bathroom!

With Hannahpad, you can pop a couple of slim pads in your bag and easily change whenever you need to throughout the day. No need to rinse the used pad on the go – just fold it up and store it in your wet bag until you get home. Unlike disposable pads, you’ll find that there’s no smell (head here for more on that). At work, just take the stylish pouch to the bathroom to freshen up like a cosmetics bag. Easy peasy!


A lot of users suggest using period underwear on light-flow days or as leak protection backup while using a cup or tampon. If you’re looking to period panties for a guilt-free, zero waste period, why not pair it with a reusable pad? Double the protection and still better for our planet.

Hannahpad has your back – or should we say bottom – light flow, heavy flow and every day in between. You won’t need to use Hannahpad alongside other products, so you’re genuinely contributing to a better world by reducing waste. We each use about 9,600 tampons in our lifetime!

Product care

Caring for your cloth pads or period undies is going to look similar – rinse and soak, hand or machine wash and hang to dry. You can just chuck your Hannahpads in the washing machine along with everything else after an overnight soak. We’ve even got a clean kit with probiotic soap and natural stain remover to keep your cloth pads looking like new for longer.


People who use tampons will feel their flow more using period undies or reusable pads. If you’re not up for free flowing, try our Hannahcup instead! With 100% certified organic cotton top layers and leakproof outer layers, you’re going to feel the difference.

With reusable pads, you can wear your comfiest underwear (rather than trying to get used to new ones) that you already know and love and secure the cloth pad with a few handy clips. It’s not at all bulky like a conventional pad and it won’t tear apart and leave sticky wing remnants on the back of your good undies.


You can give Hannahpad a go with a tester – it’ll only set you back $12.95 and shipping’s on us! If you love it (and we’re pretty sure you will) then you can build your set with our buy more, save more program. Period undies can cost up to $60 for one pair, and from what we’ve learned from reviewers, you’re investing a lot in a pantyliner replacement, not something that’s also got you covered for days 1, 2 and 3.

Reusable pads versus period undies



Period undies

hannahPAD reusable pad


2 (18mL) to 4 (36mL) tampons’ worth, depending on style

Up to 70ml (super ultra pad)


Stretchy fabric and an absorbent layer

Moisture wicking technology

Contains harmful chemicals within the layers in order to absorb discharge

3–6 absorbent layers of certified organic cotton & cotton pattern layer 

Inspired by non-slip baby socks, silicone dots on the pattern side of the pad add extra grip to your underwear alongside snap buttons

Medical grade TPU waterproof coating instead of PUL (read more about this toxin free period choice here)


ZERO chemicals on your skin!


A mix of cotton or bamboo and synthetic fibres like elastane, nylon and polyester

Certified Organic Cotton that is unbleached and undyed


Up to $60 for 1 pair

$12.95 + FREE shipping for tester

Ready to give cloth pads a go? Let’s do this!

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