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Reusable Cloth Mask 101: How to properly wear your face mask.

Reusable Cloth Mask 101: How to properly wear your face mask.

hannahMASK 101: How to properly wear your face mask.

It’s wonderful to see so many people in the community seeking out reusable cloth face masks! We know the priority for each and every one of us is to keep our loved ones and the wider community safe. We hope these tips on how to effectively wear a face mask might offer a little extra help to those who may not be 100% sure of the do’s and don'ts of face mask use.

Adjust your mask to fit snug around your face. 

Whether you're wearing a single use mask or a reusable cloth face mask, it’s integral that the mask wraps right around your nose and chin snugly. Making sure there are no evident gaps around the mask. If your mask is sitting under your nose or it is too loose, it will not provide the necessary protection.

Tip for hannahMASK: Washing your mask and using supplied adjusters can make the mask fit better. 

An adjuster kit is included in a purchase of a hannahMASK. If you need a replacement, you can find them here.
Extra Tips for fit: hannah team members have figured two more ways to help make your mask fit better. We hope the following tips help.


How to properly remove a face mask.

First things first, wash your hands thoroughly before taking off your mask. Reach behind your ears and gently pull the mask away from your face using the ear loops. Fold your mask in half, from the outside in (to keep the inside clean).

Do not touch other areas of the mask but the ear straps when wearing and removing the mask.

Try your best not to touch your mask!

For so many of us wearing a face mask is completely new and may take a while to get used to. To ensure your mask stays effective and sterile, it’s so important not to touch and adjust your mask while in use. If you do need to reposition your face mask, first sanitize or wash your hands then remove your face mask gently from the ear straps and reposition (then, you know it, sanitize and wash your hands once more!).

Once the face mask is on best to not touch or reposition it.



When you’re not using our face mask and you intend to use it again before washing it, keep it clean and safe in a small cotton pouch or ziplock bag.

When to wash your cloth mask?

Washing a cloth face mask after every daily use is ideal. If you are unable to wash your face mask daily (don’t stress!), ensure your mask is clean, dry and kept in a sterile pouch/bag before reuse.  If possible, aim to have 2-3 cloth face masks in your collection, this way you can create a helpful washing routine; wash the used mask, pop on a clean one and repeat!

You can read more on How to hannahMASK here.

Damp mask? Big no no.

As soon as your face mask feels damp, it’s best to remove it and pop on a fresh dry mask or wait for it to dry out completely before reuse. If your mask is damp or wet this will significantly decrease the effectiveness and function of the mask.

Remember, we love chatting to our wonderful customers (well anybody really) so if you have any questions about hannahMASK on proper face mask use, you can drop us a DM on social media or send us an email at

Stay safe everyone <3


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