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Looking For Reusable Organic Cotton Face Mask? We Have the Eco Solution– hannahMASK

Looking For Reusable Organic Cotton Face Mask? We Have the Eco Solution– hannahMASK

Looking to buy a cloth face mask in Melbourne? 

hannah⋮MASK is your answer– Certified Organic Cloth Face Mask from hannah⋮PAD.

As face masks in Melbourne and Mitchell Shire are soon to become mandatory in public spaces (from 11:59pm on Wednesday 22/7) [UPDATE: Mandatory face mask wearing in VICTORIA from Sun 2nd Aug], it’s clear the search for reusable face masks is a high priority for the community. Well we’re here to help, at The Brand hannah AU we can offer you and your loved ones OCS100 certified organic cotton face masks in both Small (kids) and Large (adult) sizes. 

Here’s all you need to know about our wonderful masks.

You have a choice in certified organic cotton reusable face masks with hannahMASK.


Our reusable organic cotton hannah⋮MASK is unbleached, undyed and chemical free, so even the most sensitive skin type has a reusable mask option. hannah⋮MASK is double layered, using top quality organic cotton that has a cotton count of 180-220, ensuring a tighter weave, so you'll get more protection compared to fabrics with a looser weave (where you can often see light through the fabric!).

A closer look at the natural organic cotton fibres– kept at its most natural.


hannah⋮MASK comes in two sizes: Small and Large.

Small is perfect for children between the ages of 3-8, while Large is best for children 8+ and adults.

TIP: The first initial wash on the mask will shrink the natural cotton fibres by about 1cm for a better fit. If you need to enlarge the mask– wash in cold water and gently stretch fabric out when wet before hang drying. 

Feel free to check out our mask FAQ page, where you can find further details on our mask measurements and wash and care instructions.



To create the perfect fit, simply wash your hannah⋮MASK before use, once completely dry, secure the mask snuggly around your face using the ear strap adjusters (if needed). For a detailed video tutorial explaining how to use your ear strap adjusters please click here.

 Marcus (aka Aussie Padman) wearing his hannahMASK with adjusters.

As always our main priority here at The Brand hannah is to provide our customers with healthy, safe and sustainable reusable options. We’re so happy to be able to offer our community certified organic cloth face masks to keep everyone in the community safe and protected. If you would like to purchase hannah⋮MASK please visit our website here.

Disclaimer: Please be aware that hannahMASK is made from double layered organic cotton material for general purpose use only and not triple layered with various materials as recommended by the DHHS. The double layer 180-220 cotton count with tighter weave on hannahMASK is adequate for daily use in situations where you cannot maintain social distancing. 

Got a question about hannah⋮MASK? Please feel free to contact our lovely hannah team anytime, you can drop us a DM on social media or send us an email at

Hang in there everyone! Remember that for now staying apart keeps us together 



Team hannah AU 

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