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I've never felt so comfortable on my period

I've never felt so comfortable on my period

A comfortable, care-free period? Yep, you better believe it! Making the switch to reusable cloth pads was truly a game-changer for me. I never would have thought I could feel this comfortable during my period, more connected to my body and genuinely worry-free! ❤️

Say Goodbye to...


Plastic and sticky residue

Ever since making the switch to reusable cloth pads, the discomfort of disposable pads is a distant memory! You know, the sweaty plastic, wings never sticking to your undies properly, that very distinctive bad smell. I’m sure any person who has used disposable pads can relate! hannahpads are made from the softest certified organic cotton so there is no annoying crunchy plastic against your skin or underwear.

Toxic Chemicals

I no longer have to worry about harsh chemicals being absorbed through my vagina! Jeez even just saying that gives me a sigh of relief. As pads are not regulated by the TGA here in Australia, companies aren't required to disclose any of the nasty chemicals used to create disposable pads (seriously?!). To name just one of those chemicals, Rayon, a synthetic and a byproduct of the material is dioxin, which the EPA (Environment Protection Authority Victoria) claims is a likely carcinogenic. [1] The use of pads means that dioxins can be absorbed through the vagina and straight into the bloodstream. Now that I’ve made the switch to the hannahpads, I can safely say that no harmful chemicals are being absorbed through one of the most important parts of my body, my V!



No. More. waste. The main reason I decided to make the switch to reusable cloth pads was to minimise the waste I was producing every single month using disposable pads. I was experiencing a monthly sense of guilt, and this was something I definitely didn’t want to feel on top of my period pain and foggy brain! So, I made the switch. Now knowing that my current set of 12 hannahpads will last me for the next 3 years, gives me peace of mind during my cycle!

Say hello to...



Finally, my V can breathe easy! The difference between using an organic cotton cloth pad for comfort and breathability is a little short of amazing. The organic cotton, free from dyes and chemicals, is soft against my skin and allows much-needed airflow. This has been especially noticeable during the summer months. Thank goodness I no longer have to experience removing a sticky, sweaty disposable pad from my undies!


Less odour

Yep. It’s true. I can honestly say that there is no iffy smell when I use my hannahpads. As I am very hypersensitive to smells, this was a major relief for me after making the switch to reusable cloth pads. Unlike the strong smell created when menstrual blood mixes with the chemicals in conventional disposable pads, there is no unnatural smell generated when using hannahpads. This is all thanks to the unbleached, undyed, fragrance- free and chemical-free cotton layers of hannahpads!



A wonderful and unexpected advantage of switching to reusable cloth pads was a newfound awareness of my cycle. Through the process of washing and reusing my hannahpads, I gained a sense of connection with my period. I no longer mindlessly tear away a disposable pad and pop it the bin, I take my time to wash my cloth pads and in doing so, find myself up close and personal with my menstrual blood! I’ve found it so beneficial observing how my menstrual blood changes during my cycle and differs from cycle to cycle. It’s amazing how much my period changes depending on how much I’ve exercised or what I’ve eaten!


I've experienced so many amazing changes since making the switch, see for yourself by trying our hannahpad!




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