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Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month

9 Australians lose their life everyday to breast cancer. To help support the fight against breast cancer, The Brand hannah is launching our Power Pink Campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness month this October. This year will be our third year in a row that's we've participated as corporate fundraiser for such an important cause so close to our hearts.  

Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in Australia and the rate is increasing – with 1 in 7 Australian women and 1 in 700 Australian men expected to be diagnosed in their lifetime.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle and knowing how to take care of your breasts is important in maintaining good breast health and overall well-being. Here are some top tips:

Know your risk and be self-aware

Knowing your family’s history can help you understand if you might be at a higher risk of breast cancer. It’s also important to get familiar with what’s typical for your boobs. Breast tissue changes throughout your life and your menstrual cycle due to fluctuating hormones and paying attention to these changes are helpful. Often before your period, your breasts can feel more tender and slightly lumpy due to the increase in hormone oestrogen which is nothing to worry about. However, if you have any concerns about the changes, do seek medical advice to get it thoroughly examined.

Perform regular self-examinations

These can be done 3 ways - in the mirror, in the shower and lying down.

Mirror: Visually inspect your breasts standing straight normally then with your arms overhead, squeeze your nipple (notice if any discharge comes out).

Shower: Use the pads of your fingers and feel around your breast and armpit area, squeeze your nipple (notice if any discharge comes out).

Lying down: Use the pads of your fingers and feel around your breast and armpit area, squeeze your nipple (notice if any discharge comes out).

Breast self-examinations should be performed at least once a month.

Know what to look out for

  • Lumps and knots
  • Significant changes in breast size
  • Nipple changes such as discharge, ulcers, and crusting
  • Dimples, ridges and texture changes
  • Pain, redness, swelling, and rashes

If you notice any of these changes please see a medical professional.


Living a well-balanced lifestyle is key to maintaining good breast health. This means eating healthy, exercising regularly (even if it’s light exercises) and using all natural products free from harmful toxins and other hormone disruptors. 

Help spread awareness for breast cancer and be a Zero Hero with us by purchasing one or more of Power Pink pads!

With your support we can reach our goal to completely sell out and donate to breast cancer research.


This Power Pink range is discounted at 10% off for you to start your switch and 10% of total sales from this beautiful range will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF). The foundation funds important research in the field of breast cancer and help improve survival rates. NBCF has already made great progress since 1994, as breast cancer survival rates are up 91% from 79% in the past.

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