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Brand Ambassador Introduction- Nikki Gonda

Brand Ambassador Introduction- Nikki Gonda

hannah Brand Ambassador

This is super exciting– we have our first hannah Brand Ambassador! And we'd like to introduce you to her. We interviewed Nikki Gonda, a period expert, nutritionist, and founder of My Moonbox to find out more about her hannahPAD experience.

With Nikki, we hope to help guide you to reclaim your hormonal health and learn to love your period all over again.


Why did you switch to reusable cloth pads?

For me there were a few reasons I decided to switch to hannahPADs, which was around 3 years ago now! In the past I used to experience an array of period problems from period pain to heavy bleeding. As part of my journey to healing my hormones I had become increasingly aware of the role environmental toxins play when it comes to negatively impacting our menstrual health and fertility.

I was on a mission to reduce my exposure to toxins in all areas of my life and a main part of this included making the switch to more organic and reusable menstrual product options. Especially after learning about the toxic endocrine disrupting ingredients that make up regular tampons and pads. Switching to hannahPADs meant I was no longer exposing myself to these ingredients and in turn having a positive impact on my long-term health. The other main reason being my passion for sustainability and reducing my use of single-use products!


Why did you choose hannahPAD?

I chose hannahPAD for a few reasons. One, I love the different options of cute patterns you can choose from. Two, the quality of material used is so important to me and hannahPAD ticks all of the boxes being certified organic as well. Three, the amount of size options to suit my menstrual cycle needs. I love that there are panty liners for my light flow days, and larger pads which are great for overnight instead of worrying about sleeping with a tampon in! 


How was the switch from disposable pads to reusable pads?

I personally made the switch from tampons to reusable pads and surprisingly it was super easy. From memory I think I totally phased tampons out over maybe 3 menstrual cycles. I became used to just using the cloth pads alone and figured out the right sizing options for my unique flow. Over time I added to my collection of hannaPADs when they became my main menstrual product of choice. 


What were some initial concerns you had when making the switch to hannahPAD?

I was never what you’d say a “pad girl”. I always used tampons in my teen years and thought pads were bulky, uncomfortable and irritating, so when the option of hannahPAD was presented to me honestly I was hesitant at first!

I was worried about the bulkiness, smell, but also feeling any wetness from my period - all of which aren’t an issue at all after first trialing hannahPAD then making the switch and never looking back. 


What surprised you most about using hannahPADs for your period care?

The biggest surprises for me have been how comfortable they are and easy to wash! The Probiotic Soap works a treat, and I’ve never had issues with staining which is awesome too. I’ve tried other reusable pads and have found the material to be somewhat rigid and rough. I think why hannahPADs are so comfortable is due to their top quality, organic naturalness, and softness of the material that touches the skin.


Why do you keep going back to hannahPAD for your period care?

Because I know that they are not only better for lessening my personal impact on the environment, but they also reduce my exposure to toxic ingredients (often found in tampons & disposable pads) that impact the health of my hormones and periods. So they are good for the planet and for me, it’s a win-win! 


What would you say to people who are interested in making the switch but still hesitant to do so?

Give it a go, you have nothing to lose! I wish I had made the switch so much sooner and I’ve converted so many people and they have never looked back. Start with a tester pad or a smaller starter pack with different sizes. Then you can add onto your collection if you decide they work for you. 

At the end of the day making the switch to reusable menstrual products is important for the future of our planet, your health, and benefits your wallet too as you don’t need to continue to buy disposable options! 


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