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Brand Ambassador Introduction- Demi Spaccavento

Brand Ambassador Introduction- Demi Spaccavento

Typical periods should not be painful or miserable. 

What sparked your passion for education especially on the topic of menstruation?

Bright Girl Health was born when I was looking into contraception for myself in my early 20s. I didn’t see hormonal birth control as the best option for myself, so I started reading and researching, and found fertility awareness. 

In learning about fertility awareness I also learnt SO MUCH about my hormones, their role, how I can use them to my advantage, and how my menstrual cycle worked - all the information I hadn’t learned as a teen.

I was kind of angry that no one taught me this basic and really helpful information about my own body! After learning this information in my 20s I now had a love and appreciation for my body that I didn’t have before.

I believed that this knowledge needed to be taught in schools to teenagers. As a teacher, I partnered with some menstrual health specialists to develop Bright Girl Health school presentations that teach students to embrace their cycle!

Why is learning about menstrual health important for everyone? 

The average person has about 450 periods over their lifetime. When you do the maths, that’s 6.2 years of our life we spend actually bleeding. THAT’S A LONG TIME!

Many of us spend those years resenting our period, and not fully understanding how our hormones or menstrual cycle work.

We deserve to understand what is happening inside our own body.
When I finally understood the way my cycle worked I could accurately predict my next period. I could support my hormones so my period was on time, every time. I learned lifestyle skills for more balanced hormones…. And this allowed me to minimise PMS and period pain!

Now I know I won’t be spending that 6.2 years in misery or pain! 

Can periods really be easy and less painful? 

The typical period should not be painful or miserable.

Many of us get taught from a young age that periods come along with suffering… and we accept that. But we need to re-wire that mindset.

With balanced hormones, and with no health conditions standing in the way, periods should come along with very minimal symptoms. 

Using products like hannahPADs which don't disrupt our hormones and are gentle on our bodies can make periods so much easier.

What do you love about hannahPAD?

I love that hannahPADs give everyone an extra option to manage their period. 

Disposable pads and tampons don’t suit everyone’s unique needs and lifestyle.

hannahPAD are certified organic, making them a great choice for people with hormonal conditions, sensitive skin, or people who want to make their period more sustainable.


How do hannahPADs differ from other period products you’ve seen or tried?

I LOVE that hannahPADs have a natural colour material that allows you to see your menstrual blood. This allows you to keep track of how heavy your flow is, and the colour and consistency of your blood. These things can give you such important insights into your hormonal health!
I also love that changing a hannahPAD is super easy (no need to take off your pants like with period undies) and they fold up nice and small to store away.

Why is it important for young people to know about the various conscious period care products available today? 

We can use up to 11,000 disposable pads/tampons over a lifetime. Conventional pads and tampons can take up to 300-500 years to break down in the environment. 

Young people are already so environmentally conscious and are looking for ways to make their lives more sustainable. Making your period waste-free is a great part of making our lives more sustainable and caring for our planet.

Do you have a favourite/ go-to hannahPAD size and pattern?

I have an average flow, so I love using the medium sized hannahPADs. It’s hard to choose a favourite pattern because they’re all so pretty. I love the animal patterns because they always make me smile!

What would you say to people who are interested in making the switch to cloth pads but still hesitant to do so?  

hannahPADs are made with so much love and care by a team of really smart people, so they are even BETTER than disposable pads at absorbing your period! 

You also get the added bonus of knowing you’re making a switch that is kinder to your hormones, skin and the planet. It’s a no-brainer!

Begin with hannah's My First Period Kit for anyone who wants to try organic, soft, reusable pads for their period care. 

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