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hannah⋮AU- Menstrual Hygiene Day 2020

hannah⋮AU- Menstrual Hygiene Day 2020

It's Time for Action this Menstrual Hygiene Day

Here at hannahAU & NZ we are immensely passionate about helping reduce the stigma associated with menstruation, we want to live in a world where periods are not seen as taboo but spoken about freely with pride and power. We believe that education and communication are the best tools for creating social change on this topic. That’s why we’re standing up and speaking out this Menstrual Hygiene Day to show our support and solidarity. These may be tough and unprecedented times, but periods don’t stop for pandemics.

Embrace and celebrate periods because it is a superpower.

Every day approximately 300 million people menstruate [1] and for so many the experience is blanketed with shame, isolation and distressing stigma. With COVID-19 social isolation requirements, sadly these challenges faced by menstruators have intensified. That’s why it’s important now more than ever to raise our voices and shout out that periods are nothing to hide, that we bleed and we’re proud of it. It’s important to speak up for those who cannot, with the aspiration that one day they can too.

This year MHDay 2020 has created ‘The Menstruation Bracelet’,  a global symbol for menstruation and MHDay. Just like our hannahpad team you can show your support by sharing a beautiful illustration or gif of the bracelet, or you can make your own bracelet and post an image of you wearing it. You can find all of the images and bracelet information at: https://menstrualhygieneday.org/materials/2020campaign-materials/

Do you use a menstruation bracelet to track your period? 

Let's band together this Menstrual Hygiene Day, stand up for change and encourage others to do the same. We should not underestimate the power of social media as a platform for creating lasting social change. One single post has the power to ignite passion in the reader, they then go on to share their thoughts with their friends and family; triggering a positive chain of action that spreads an important message of change across the globe. Your voice matters.

So, what are you waiting for! Join the campaign and help normalise periods, you can use the MHDay campaign hashtags:

You can also share our images on social media (tag @hannahpad_australia) to share and open up for period talk. 

@menstrualhygieneday (Facebook, Instagram) @mhday28may (Twitter).

[1] https://menstrualhygieneday.org/

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