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Get Council Rebates on Cloth Pads and Save Your Money

Get Council Rebates on Cloth Pads and Save Your Money

Make the switch to reusables and save your money!

Cloth pad options are being recognised by councils in Australia.

As the need for more eco conscious living is becoming more apparent, people are looking to make the switch from disposables to reusable options for their period, bladder leakage, and maternity needs. We think this is fantastic!

This wonderful switch is being recognised by councils around Australia as a great way to help reduce landfill waste and pollution within their local area. To support residents who are making the switch to reusables, many councils are introducing rebate programs that can help individuals save money and reduce their household waste. It's a win win for everyone!


How do reusables reduce my waste?

Simply put, they can be reused instead of being disposed to landfill!

Typical disposable products such as single use nappies and pads or tampons contribute huge amounts of waste to landfills and the environment:

  • Conventional disposable nappies for one baby will create 300kg of plastic waste that will take 100-500 years to break down
  • Conventional disposable period products are up to 90% plastic, taking up to 800 years to break down
  • Used period products are one of the top polluters of our oceans with about 5 products found for every 100m of beach cleaned in study by the Marine Conservation Society [1].

Switching to cloth pads, menstrual cups, period underwear, and reusable nappies saves all of that pollution to reduce our eco footprint, and as a bonus creates long term financial savings! 


How do reusables save me money?

Reusable period and maternity products can often seem expensive when you look at their upfront cost compared to their disposable counterparts.

The average $20 reusable cloth pad seems expensive compared to a $5 pack of disposables, but buying those disposables again and again for every day of menstruation, every month, every year, really adds up! Likewise, buying nappies again and again for a baby to go from birth to being toilet trained creates an average cost of $3000 for young families, compared to roughly $1250 for reusable cloth nappies to last the same amount of time (and even be passed on to the next infant!) [2]. Theres more in depth number crunching here and here, just in case you need further convincing 😉

Once you consider the long term cost of buying disposables over and over again, a one-off purchase of reusables seems like a pretty sweet deal. To sweeten the deal even further, there are rebate programs around Australia to help put cash back into your pocket.


Where can I find these council rebates?

Rebates are available in all of Australia's states and territories, but they're not always easy to find and not all local councils have taken up the initiative, yet.

To help more people make the switch and save some money doing it, we've compiled all available rebates into one place:


Handy Council Rebate Spreadsheet- CLICK HERE


While it is an extensive list, we still want to see it grow longer as more councils start to support reusable products! We'll do our best to keep it updated as new rebate programs are created, but we'll need your help!


How can I help?

To help grow Handy Council Rebate Spreadsheet with more rebates, you can:

  • Sign Petitions! - Add your signature so your council knows you want rebates for reusables
  • Create Petitions! - Encourage your community to ask for council support of reusables

All the existing rebates we could find are HERE, and existing electronic petitions can be found HERE. You can also read about petition success stories and demand for rebates in this article.


How do I claim a rebate on my hannahPAD purchase?

YAY! My council offers a rebate on reusables, how do I claim it with The Brand hannah?

It's as easy an easy 1, 2, 3:

  1. Simply email and ask for a tax invoice for your order number.
  2. We'll email back a complete tax invoice
  3. You can then submit the tax invoice to your council and claim you rebate


Supporting the switch

Growing support for reusables through these rebate initiatives is a great step in the right direction, helping normalise them as a sustainable option and make them more accessible for everyone.





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