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Can Young People and Teens Use hannahpads?

Can Young People and Teens Use hannahpads?

We often get asked if young people and teenagers can use hannahpads and our answer is absolutely YES! Cloth pads can be used at any age for menstruation, LBL and postpartum. What better way to start your period than by using certified organic cloth pads that are free of toxins and better for the environment. 

Why should teenagers use hannahpads?

For the person getting their first period and their parents, the changes that come with growing up can be overwhelming. Now more than ever young people are getting their periods a lot earlier than before, what should you do when your child get their period at 8 years old and none of their other friends have their period yet? According to Margie from Hush Education, she has noticed that the youngest age group for people to start menstruating is 7-8 years old. Communication is important, teach your child about what periods are and how they work, be open and honest about it. By spreading period positivity and teaching them to embrace their period rather than fear and dread it can make the transition much smoother and less troublesome.

Honest period talk to young people is key to embracing the changes.

With new changes happening in their bodies and a huge variety of products to choose from, where do you even start? hannahpads are a fantastic choice as they are made from certified organic cotton and are all natural which is beneficial for your periods. Many disposable pads and tampons contain harmful chemicals such as dioxins which can intensify pain and PMS, opting for a natural option is much better for your health and body. Not only this, but purchasing a set of hannahpads to last your cycle means that you won't have to stock up on pads for another 3+ years. Our My First Period Kit includes all the essentials—3 hannahpads (pantyliner, small, medium, a wheat bag, liquid soap, drying strap, chocolate and a washable pouch.

 hannahpad My First Period Kit- Unscented
hannahpad My First Period Kit- Scented 

Can hannahpads be used at school?

Definitely, hannahpads are designed to fit seamlessly into your everyday life. Teenagers can use hannahpads at school with ease, just pack a couple pads into a wet bag or pouch and take this to the bathroom when you change your used pad. Fold the used pad to seal the contents inside and place it into the bag to be washed later—convenient, discrete, hygienic and easy. Always carrying a hannahpad with you creates peace of mind around that time of the month when you're always prepared. Did we mention that they are compact and don't take up much space in bags and backpacks. Watch our video on changing your hannahpad here.

 Our Lovely Flower pouch, also available in 3 other patterns.

What sizes are best for young people and teenagers?

Our My First Period Kit comes with three sizes—pantyliner, small and medium. These smaller sizes can be perfect for younger people and extra buttons can be added to decrease the width of the pad, ensuring it fits snug when snapped on your underwear. However, our larger sizes are great for teenagers who have heavier flows or for night time use.

Our button tailoring service is free and can be done if a note is left with your order before checking out.

How often should you change your pad?

It is recommended that you change your pad every 3-4 hours whether it is a disposable or cloth pad, so if you have used disposable pads before it is fairly similar. But the frequency of change will depend on the individual and heaviness of flow. If the pad feels damp against the skin it is time to change it. 

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