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Breaking the Bias this International Women's Day

Breaking the Bias this International Women's Day

Building a Sustainable Tomorrow– Your Courage & Determination For Change Matters

Happy International Women’s Day 2022

March 8th - A significant date to celebrate you and every individual woman on Earth to acknowledge the common issues we still face today. The truth is a woman’s role is multifaceted as she goes about life. A woman’s potential and contribution to society is unparalleled as she learns and strives to become a leader, mentor, supporter, and carer to those she meets along the way. Every woman should be proud of what they have achieved or are about to achieve because it all takes courage and determination.


2022 Theme: #BreakTheBias

This year, we need to #BreakTheBias in our communities, workplaces, schools, colleges, and universities that make it difficult for girls and women to reach their full potential and goals. Together we must call out actions and behaviours of gender bias, discrimination, and stereotyping in order to reach women’s equality across the globe.

Use #BreakTheBias to show your solidarity. 

The Bleeding Truth

As much as we encourage period talk, menstruation is still very much a taboo topic in varying degrees in different parts of the world. Women can be restricted by cultural traditions that isolate and discriminate against them on a monthly basis in developing countries.

Still prevalent is the shame and embarrassment attached to the discussion of women having their periods in countries like Australia and New Zealand. These ideas and beliefs adds to gender discrimination within the environments we live and work in. Hence, it’s increasingly important to advocate and educate women about their menstrual cycle and period care options so they feel empowered by their inner workings. It’s about going with the flow, getting in tune with your intuition, and forging changes and smashing goals, all while bleeding monthly. We believe one aspect of bridging the gender equality gap stems from better understanding of menstrual health.

This knowledge on periods empowers absolutely everyone.   


Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Support 

Our small business is based in Melbourne and made up of 80% women who excel in their own leadership roles in warehouse, customer service, operations, and marketing. We have a multilingual and multigenerational team who are passionate about providing healthy and superior period, maternity, and light incontinence care products for a sustainable tomorrow. It is because we value and understand the importance of women’s contribution to society that we’re able to focus on key issues and provide support in small and impactful ways

  • 2018– Joined forces with other reusable menstrual brands to Axe the Tax on cloth pads, menstrual cup, and period underwear. So your eco switch to reusables is now tax-free! 
  • We continue to support the charity – Share the Dignity to help end period poverty closer to home. Period packs made up of cloth pads and period cups have been distributed to women in need across Australia over the past 2 years. 
  • We continue to participate in fundraising activities for the National Breast Cancer Foundation and other organisations (Lost Dogs’ Home & Port Macquarie Koala Hospital) that are dear to our hearts.
  • We work closely with primary and secondary schools and education programs shining light on menstrual health and encouraging period talk, self love, and sustainable options to younger generations. 


How You Can #BreakTheBias

Shifting our views, removing negative connotations, and emphasising women’s natural bodily functions across all cultures and countries will eliminate gender discrimination to reach true equality.

Today, we’re encouraging you to help forge women’s equality everywhere in your life for an equal and sustainable future. 

You can start by: 

  • Maintaining a gender equal mindset 
  • Challenging gender discrimination, stereotypes, and bias
  • Calling out any gender bias and assumptions
  • Celebrating women’s achievements 

Together we can set big goals and nail them for all of us. 

To learn more about International Women’s Day and how you can get involved for change, click HERE.

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