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7 best period trackers for 2021

7 best period trackers for 2021

Why use a period tracker? It’s the easiest way to keep track of when your period is on the way, your symptoms and how long your cycle lasts. Understanding how regular you are or what symptoms your body is experiencing every month can give you information on your overall health and what your body might need more or less of. It’s also helpful to know where your body is at so you can be prepared to be extra kind to yourself. Check out these apps available on iOS and Android that help you keep track of your period and more!



Clue features a clean design that’s ideal for people who want to track insights without all the pink flowers! Keep track of your cycle, fertility, mood, skin condition, digestion and energy. You can even log information about your period flow, menstrual products used, headaches, breakouts and cervical fluid. Clue isn’t just a period tracker, it’s here to teach you more about your body. All predictions and insights are based on the most up-to-date science with the team constantly working on improvements in collaboration with scientists and universities.



This password-protected app uses your log of dates and over 70 symptom trackers to make period, fertility and ovulation predictions. Millions and millions of users are already on Flo and you can discuss intimate topics, ask questions and get support in ways that matter to you. Sync your data with Apple’s Health app to track your sleep, water consumption and physical activity for an overall health record that comes in handy for doctor visits. 

Period Diary


With more than 30 symptoms and 20 moods to track and sync, this is one tracker that’s going to come in handy to log all of your period symptoms and experiences in one place. This password-protected app has a beautiful, minimal design and will send you daily nutrition, fitness and mindfulness recommendations to keep you balanced and healthy. Opt in for notifications to receive reminders when your period is due or when your fertile window begins.



The free version of Life allows you to track your symptoms, schedule cycle reminders and predict ovulation. It even has options to keep you on track for irregular cycles. If you decide to upgrade to the premium version, you can monitor weight, nutrition, fitness, sleep and medication, so it really will help with organising life. Personalise the app by choosing whatever wallpaper you’re feeling that day and enjoy an ad-free experience!



If you experience particularly troubling systems just before your period like extreme sadness, hopelessness, irritability or anger, there’s a possibility it could be premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD). If that sounds like you, check with your doctor and then find the support you need with this app (alongside the doctor’s recommendations, of course). If you just want to track your symptoms and hormonal changes in a clear way then try this! The app uses a scale to track your mood, emotions, and physical effects like nausea, low energy and acne.

Period Calendar


User friendly and with super helpful data, you can track your period, weight gain and symptoms, which are broken down to specifics like head, body, cervix, belly and emotional options. This is a helpful way to log your symptoms and experiences in a way that you can clearly communicate to a health professional. You can also log pill and vitamin reminders so that it really does act like a calendar for your health needs.



Best thing about this app? It’s designed to be shared with your partner so that they’re prepared to give you some extra TLC on the onset of your period, you can open dialogue about menstrual health and you can involve them in tracking fertile windows if you have hopes of pregnancy. With simple graphics and mellow colours, it’s soothing, discreet and just looks great. You can even sync with an app on your smart watch so you always know where your cycle is at!

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