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7 Benefits and Uses for Overnight Reusable Cloth Pads

7 Benefits and Uses for Overnight Reusable Cloth Pads

hannahpad's range of overnight pads: LargeUltra and Super Ultra have some great uses and benefits.

Large 33cm(L)x 8.3cm(W) | Ultra 36cm(L)x9cm(W) | Super Ultra 42cm(L)8.5cm(W)
Here are 7 things you should know about our overnight range:

1. Longer and wider is always better. 
The extra length of the pad means that they are perfect to wear when sleeping to prevent leakage in the back. The length ranges from 33-42cm providing great coverage. As the sizes get bigger and longer so does the wider back. Butt crack coverage is so important when you're in bed especially if you lay on your back. 

Jenny (hannahpad Co-director) uses her Large and Ultra overnight pads at bedtime to make sure she has a comfortable and leak free night! 

2. Suck it up. 

The extra layers mean that the overnight pads are super absorbent and are great for medium to heavy flows. Large and Ultra overnight contains 6 layers of organic cotton sheets while the Super Ultra (largest in our range) contains 7. They say you lose between 50-80ml of menstrual blood per cycle and our larger sizes hold between 75-180ml. Proving that these sizes can absorb quite a bit of fluid even on those heavy first few days. 

Larger sizes can be purchased as singles or in a set.  

3. Front bleeding solution.
Front bleeders, we got you! Although our larger pads are made for extra coverage and protection in the back, a great tip is to turn the pad around (longer back facing the front) to provide more coverage in the front. If you prefer to sleep on your stomach or your sleeping, resting body position creates a front bleeding pattern then this trick is for you.

Many customers have given this suggestion a go and the feedback has been wonderful. It's helped them manage their front bleeding with less worry and mess.

4. Save more by changing less.
hannahpad's larger pad range have greater absorbent maybe even more so than conventional pads. Many people who experience leaking with disposables will notice the increased absorbency of hannahpads and don't have to change as frequently throughout the day (it is still recommended to change every 3-4 hours or as often as you would need). This saves money as it’s cheaper to have one pad that absorbs more than having three or four disposables that absorb less, wouldn't you agree? 

5. Let your vagina rest overnight.
Menstrual cup or tampon users, give your vagina a break especially when it's bedtime. Get comfy in bed with a super soft and absorbent overnight cloth pad instead. It's just nice to let it flow for a couple of hours when you're asleep. 

6. A large pad for day and night, what? 
Oh yes, our Large (overnight) size is great for both day and night time use. It can hold medium to heavy flows and is non-bulky with 6 internal cotton sheets. Wear it to work, school or running errands during the day and at night to manage medium flow. 

Our team member Katie uses her Large hannahpad when she sleeps and during the day for extra absorbency on her heavy days (day 1 & 2 of cycle). 

7. Large, Ultra & Super Ultra for period, maternity and LBL.
hannahpads that can be used for your periods, postpartum bleeding and light incontinence. Wow! As your natural bodily function changes over your life time, these cloth pads are so worth the investment. With personal care and use, they can last years and will be handy for all vaginal discharge and flow. Your bedtime cloth pads can become maternity pads and vice versa. Fantastic! 

 Shop single larger sizes here or check out these sets: Heavy Flow Set, Goodnight Set.

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