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6 Reasons You Should Wear a Cloth Pad with Period Underwear

6 Reasons You Should Wear a Cloth Pad with Period Underwear

Reusable period products were once thought to be disgusting and gross to wash and reuse but opinions are quickly changing with the introduction of period underwear. Similar to cloth pads, period underwear comes in various absorbency levels to manage different flow types. They need to be rinsed, washed and dried ready for Aunt Flo’s next visit.

So did you know that you can wear a cloth pad with period underwear? 

Cloth pads are a great conscious period product to get started when switching to reusables. The adaptability and ease of use on cloth pads is simply unmatched! They can be a stand alone hero or the perfect sidekick to other reusables like period underwear. Here’s why they’re the best combination:

1. Heavy Flow Protection

If you have a heavy flow, period underwear will work for you with an added cloth pad on top. The figure hugging design of period underwear is great for holding the pad closer to the body so menstrual blood will absorb faster and deeper into the layers of the pad. A cloth pad that’s larger with higher absorbency can manage those sudden drops and gushes so you won’t worry about leaking out of your period underwear. What’s more, cloth pads are softer and comfier against the skin so it feels like you’re just wearing cotton underwear. 

2. Hassle-Free Changing

When you wear a cloth pad on period underwear, simply carry a wet bag of clean pads that you’ll need for a day’s worth of changes (about 4-6 pads). Changing is hassle-free by taking off the used pad, folding it up and keeping it in a wet bag, then taking out a clean one to snap onto the underwear. It’s that easy! Absolutely no underwear changes are necessary when you’re out and about especially at work or school.

Easy changing– take off used pad, fold, pop in wet bag, take out clean pad, and snap onto period underwear. 


3. Saves Space In Your Bag

Cloth pads fold small and compact so you can carry them easily in a wet bag and don't take up too much space in your bag. You can learn how to fold cloth pads neatly HERE. There’s no need to carry several pairs of period underwear. Instead you’ll have all your clean pads ready in one place for quick changes throughout the day. 

4. Better Coverage Overnight

Ever worry about leaks overnight? We all do. So larger sized cloth pads that’s longer and wider in the back are great to catch any flow in all directions during the night. Coupled with period underwear, rest assured you’ll be fully covered and protected even through those heavy flow nights meaning minimal hassle the next morning. You can just sleep easily and comfortably with a combination of a pad and period underwear and when you need to, simply swap your overnight pad for a clean one.

Click HERE to find our full range of sizes of liners and pads. 


5. Keep Your Vaginal Health In Check

Sitting in the same pair of period underwear that has been absorbing menstrual blood all day can be uncomfortable, and the combination of moisture and warmth creates a breeding ground for bad bacteria. That's why we recommend using a cloth pad on top of period underwear. It's much easier to change a pad than to take off  and put on underwear at work/ school. Simply wear a cloth pad on top in the morning and only change the pad as needed throughout the day. When it’s closer to home time, you can take off the pad and just have the period underwear on till you get home. A period day out with reusables is much easier with cloth pads.

6. Make It Last for Better Savings 

If you have old cloth pads that may be less leak proof than they used to be but the structure and absorbency are still good, you can continue to use these cloth pads with period underwear. The pad will still be absorbent and keep you dry and fresh, the underwear will ensure there's no leaks. This way you can get the most use out of your older cloth pads for better savings and nothing goes to waste for longer. 

A reusable collection of cloth pads and some period underwear can save you money in the long run.  


However you choose to use cloth pads, by themselves or with other sustainable options, they are still one of the most effective ways to reduce waste and support menstrual health.

To sum it all up- cloth pads are easy and adaptable, the best choice for helping you get the most out of your period underwear and vice versa!

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