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5 Tips for Easy Menstrual Cup Insertion– hannahCUP

5 Tips for Easy Menstrual Cup Insertion– hannahCUP

hannah⋮CUP 5 Useful Tips for Easy Insertion

If you’re having a bit of trouble inserting your hannahcup, don’t worry, you’re not alone! It can take some time and patience to get the hang of using a menstrual cup or changing to a new cup. Below are some tips and tricks that we hope might offer some guidance.  

1. Practice in the shower. 

Before your period arrives, get used to inserting, positioning and removing your cup in the shower. What better time to practise than while you're warm, relaxed (and naked!). Your shower can be a safe haven while you try out which fold technique or cup positioning works for your vaginal anatomy. P.S. If you start feeling a little sore from practicing, take a break and try again next time! 


2. Begin with the smallest insertion folding method- Punch-Down.

We suggest to initially try the punch-down fold, as this fold creates the smallest entry point for insertion. To assist creating the smallest entry point, it’s important to fold the cup tightly and hold firmly, as the looser you hold the cup when it is folded, the wider the entry point will be.


3. Run your hannahcup under cold water.

Some people find a soft or medium cup easier to pop open, while others prefer a firmer cup. You can try running the cup under cold water to firm up the silicone, this can help to make the cup slightly firmer and will pop open easily when inserted.


4. As you push cup in for insertion, bear down on the muscles at the same time.

It may seem counterproductive to bear down on your muscles while inserting your cup, but this motion really helps to engage the vaginal muscles, giving you more control while easing the cup into your vagina, creating less resistance. 

5. Lubrication. 

Sometimes you just need a little extra help! Running the cup under cold water might do but you can also use a natural water based lubricant to help slide the cup into your vagina! We suggest doing a small patch test on your skin first, to check for any possible allergic reactions.


Try out these 5 tips and see how you go! If you still need further guidance, our hannah team members are always here for a friendly chat! You can drop us a DM on social media or send us an email at, nothing’s TMI when it comes to open period talk. 

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