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3 Ways to Begin Your Switch to Reusable Cloth Pads

3 Ways to Begin Your Switch to Reusable Cloth Pads

Deciding to switch to cloth pads is a great choice that can both benefit you and the environment. But where do you start? There are so many different ways to transition to reusable pads, and the best part is that you can find a way that suits you. Let’s take a look at 3 team members and their journey switching to hannahpads.

Yes, even your menstrual pads can be certified organic. Choose well and transition at your own pace.   

1. The Slow & Gradual Way
The misconception is that you have to switch entirely over to cloth pads in one-go. This brings added pressure if you have a lot of questions or concerns about the switch. Let us be clear that you do not have to transition 100% to cloth pads straight away. Instead easing into it slowly helps you become comfortable and confident with cloth pad use. You can first start out by testing one or two pads, a great way to do this is to try out a tester pad! We have a variety of sizes from the smallest Thong Liner to largest Super Ultra to choose from and with free shipping in Australia on one tester pad, it is the perfect way to test drive one of our liners or pads. Shop tester pads here. 

Step one: Always begin with a tester. 

You can slowly switch out the products you already use with cloth pads. Look at what you’re already using and begin swapping out the disposable products for reusable hannahpads overtime. Start with liners or night time pads that you often use and identify the sizes you’ll need to accommodate your flow. From there you'll get used to a routine of using and washing your pads. When you’re ready, you can gradually phase out disposables and have a nice collection of cloth pads handy with you at all times (at home or in your bag) for your cycle. Bec shares her slow transition into using hannahpads.    


I wanted to switch to a more sustainable natural option for my periods so I first tried organic disposable pads but these didn’t work well. After doing lots of research I still wasn’t 100% confident but came across hannahpads in a retail store on a Tassie trip and purchased just two mediums. After a few months, I started working for hannahpad where I purchased my first set of 10 pads and a couple months later purchased another set of 8 pads to complete my collection. I strongly recommend trying 2-3 sizes first and getting used to the washing before purchasing more. 

Pick up sizes in the hannahpad range that is similar in size and absorbency to disposable versions you're used to.

2. The Half/Half Transition Way 
If you’re feeling a little more confident and eager to dive into using cloth pads you can get enough pads to last half a cycle then purchase the other half later down the track. By purchasing just a couple of hannahpads for a few days of your cycle (best to start out on light to moderate flow days rather than heavy), you'll have a better understanding of the use, wash and dry routine. It also helps you understand which pads work and which you need more of so you can add them to your collection later. When you’re happy and sure, you can purchase the last few pads and complete your stash. Katie shares her experience doing this.

Before using hannahpads I used organic disposable pads but I found the wings problematic as they didn't stick on well and the pad constantly moved around. I bought my first set of pads, around 5 pads, at an expo. If you get the chance, visit hannahpad at the events they participate in to see and feel the cloth pads in person. It really helps chatting to the staff about their experience and have someone guide you into beginning your cloth switch. I switched to using reusables straight away, I have a light flow so 5 pads lasted my entire cycle if I washed and reused a couple of them the same time around. I got into the hang of washing and taking care of my pads. After 6 months at another expo I took advantage of the expo deals and completed my collection with a few more hannahpads. I have 8 pads total in my collection which is great for my light flow and for my 3 day cycle.

Keep your hannahpads conveniently in a wet bag anywhere you go and you'll never get caught off guard again. 

3. The Full Switch from the Get-Go Way
Reusable pads can be slightly pricey so when transitioning it also depends on your mindset for a new experience and change. Especially if you choose to go all out and purchase a full cycles worth, you need to be mindful of the price. The worst thing is purchasing a full set of pads only to have them laying around because you’re unsure and not confident. We do accept payments through Afterpay, Zippay & Humm if you want to purchase now and pay later, which can be a good option for many people who don’t want to spend too much in one go. However, if you have the confidence and just want to do it, buying a full set of pads can work out great in the long run! Winnie shares her own experience fully transitioning to hannahpads in one go.

I was leaking through disposable pads almost every cycle (day and night) and my skin started to get irritated from them in my late 20s. At my wits end, I knew I had to search for a better solution. While living in South Korea, I searched online for a cloth pad solution and the first result that came up was hannahpad. To be honest, I did not know exactly what I was ordering but saw a 1+1 deal and thought I'd jump on it. When my package came I had no idea that there was a total of 30 pads in sizes pantyliner, small and medium (10 each). I took it as a sign that I'm no longer meant to use disposable pads and just had to commit. I made my complete switch from then on and still use the same set of pads today 5 years on. I have a medium-heavy flow and my cycle lasts 5 days so I use around 20 pads per cycle (sometimes more, sometimes less). Having extra cloth pads in my stash means I never have to use the same pad twice in a cycle. I feel that my initial investment on a huge pack of hannahpads really has paid off because I've not spent a single dollar on menstrual products since. 

Some of Winnie's pads from her own collection- they're 5 years old.

As you can see, there are so many different ways to transition to cloth pads and each way works for different people. In the end, it comes down to how much you're able to spend on your pads at once and how confident or sure you are about moving away from disposables. Remember this is not a trend you're following and it's no race. It's a switch for a healthier and eco-friendlier lifestyle moving forward. Try out a tester, take your time, or dive right in.

Whichever way you feel most comfortable is the way that will work for you!

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