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3 Reasons Why We Don’t Colour Our hannahpads

3 Reasons Why We Don’t Colour Our hannahpads
Question: “Have you ever thought of doing darker colours or black pads?”
This is a valid question because it is often believed that darker coloured or black toppers are easier to wash out.
For those interested in trying hannahpads, our certified organic cotton is beige in colour and sits against your skin to catch any flow, cervical fluid and vaginal discharge. Unlike hannahpads, most other cloth pads use dark colours or dark patterns. 
Here are some key reasons why we don’t colour our hannahpads (the part that sits directly against your skin).
1. For your health
Undoubtedly, our number one concern is you. If cloth pads must sit against your skin for several hours, there should be absolutely no toxins in them that may cause irritation or worse, damage your health in the long term. This is something we stand firm on.
Floral pattern side sits on the undies and the beige soft cotton faces up and touches your skin.
Coloured cloth pads have been treated with chemicals or dyes in the production of their fabric. Many of these dyes are toxic and because a woman’s vagina is sensitive and is the most absorbent part of the body, it is potentially harmful to be exposed to such toxins on a regular basis.    
Natural dyes made from soy ink could still contain ingredients that act as an irritant for some people. Hence, to prevent any skin issues and ensure that everyone (looking for a healthier alternative to their menstruation, postpartum and light bladder leaking management) are able to make the cloth pad switch, hannahpad will be sticking to the natural beige colour for both top sheet and internal layers of the pad design. 
2. For the environment
The next concern is for the environment, especially what we will be contributing to it with our product. We want our hannahpads to be one of the most natural products on the market by choosing to use certified organic cotton. Our certified organic cotton is toxin-free (no dioxin, no formaldehyde), fragrance-free, unbleached and non-dyed to retain the purest form of the cotton.
Don't be alarmed when you find tiny black specks, they are just cotton seeds. 
You will notice how pure we’ve kept the pad through the production and manufacturing process by looking closely at the top sheet. You may find tiny black specks of cotton seeds left in during the production of the weave. Both the organic cotton internal layers and topper are compostable and biodegradable after 12 months. 
In comparison, other cloth pads may be made from various materials that may have been heavily treated through bleaching and colouring. These chemicals and dyes contain acids that are environmentally unfriendly. When tossed away they do more harm sitting in landfills and waterways. 
3. Reconnecting with your body
Suggestions have come through to hannahpad about providing darker coloured cotton pads for staining issues. Believe it or not, there are stains on dark coloured pads too. It’s just masked by colouring and truth be told isn’t any easier to wash out than the cloth pads in our hannahpad range. Due to the natural nature of our organic cotton (beige in colour), light staining comes with repeated use of the pad and the same would certainly occur on coloured toppers as well.
 Jenny's hannahpad collection that dates back to 2014/2015 which she still uses today.
An even more important reason for not dyeing our hannahpads is so you are able to check on what naturally leaves your body. The colour and consistency of your flow and discharge says a lot about the health of your body which can often differ monthly due to multiple factors such as stress levels, hormone levels etc. Therefore, if you notice something out of the ordinary you should consult a health professional immediately.
Very minimal staining over 3 years of hannahpad use.
Previously, Jenny (Padman’s wife) and Winnie shared their 1-3y/o hannahpads and it’s obvious that light staining will appear but after following the washing instructions rest assured that they are completely clean each time you store them away till the next flow. There are options like Sodium Percarbonate which is an oxygen bleach that will remove stains while also disinfecting your pads as it works like an antibacterial. Another product is Sodium Sesquicarbonate known for its gentleness and used in baby laundry products. The latter is available on our site. Click here for our Laundry Stain Remover. Both options have less environmental impact.
Here's a step by step instruction on How to Wash your hannahpads.
For fresh stains click here to check out our Tuff Stuff stain remover soap when handing washing your hannahpads.
Here are some other brands we recommend:
Take a look at the laundry section of your local organic/health food store for other clean and greener options. 

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