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3 reasons why cloth pads are a great backup to sustainable period products

3 reasons why cloth pads are a great backup to sustainable period products

Whether you’re brand new to menstrual cups and period undies, or a long-time lover of all-things sustainable period products, there’s a case to be made for the benefit of using reusable liners and pads in combination with your preferred sustainable product. 

Aside from being better for the environment and safer for you (more on that here), the duo provides that little extra support, which, let’s face it, we could all do with a little more of - especially when it’s that time of the month.

Which brings us to the first reason why cloth pads are a great backup to menstrual cups and period undies: greater peace of mind!

1. For those new to sustainable period products

If there’s one hesitation we hear the most from people looking to make the switch to sustainable period products, particularly menstrual cups, it’s the fear of leakage or spillage. 

But why do menstrual cups leak at all? 

Well, there are a variety of factors that can cause leakage including using the wrong cup size, a loose seal, overflow or your cervix shifting as a result of changes in oestrogen levels, which mostly happens at night.

But don’t worry, the majority of these usually occur during the first couple of uses, when you and your body are getting used to inserting, removing and wearing a menstrual cup. And we get it! It can be a confusing, daunting experience, especially if you’ve been using single-use tampons and pads your whole life.

While we can’t prevent your cervix shifting (sorry!), what we can ensure is that you are equipped with everything you need to make the switch to a menstrual cup as easy and comfortable as possible (check out our guide here).

In the meantime, cloth pads offer a great backup and peace of mind until you feel comfortable enough to go without or just have a cloth liner on for extra protection.

2. During the beginning of your cycle or for heavier flows

The average person loses between 30-60mL of blood during their period. hannahcup holds up to 30mL of liquid so depending on your flow, you may need to empty your cup every 4-5 hours for the first couple of days of your cycle. While on the second or third day, you may be able to go the full 8 hours without checking or emptying it. The same applies to those with a heavier flow who may need to empty their cup more regularly throughout the duration of their cycle.

Instead of carrying an extra pair of period undies on heavier flow days, cloth pads offer a convenient alternative and a great backup for those just-in-case scenarios. Simply pop a couple of small pads in your bag and easily change whenever you need to throughout the day. If you leak from the cup and don’t want to remove and reinsert the cup when out and about, just change the cloth pad. Easy.

Not sure which hannahcup is right for you? Check out our guide below! Our period cup is great for people who have a mid to higher cervix.

3. If you’re on-the-go

Let’s be honest - there’s nothing worse than being caught out by your period or when you can’t get to a bathroom to check your cup and/or period undies - eep! 

But don’t worry, cloth pads to the rescue!

Whether you’re stuck in a meeting, planning a day trip or travelling and worried you won’t be near a bathroom, cloth pads offer a convenient, zero-waste backup for when you’re on-the-go.

If you’re camping and don’t have access to dedicated sanitary bins or running water, don’t worry! No need to rinse the used pad on the go - just fold it up and store it in your wet bag until you get home.

If you’re travelling with a menstrual cup, even better! As we mentioned earlier, hannahcup only needs to be changed every 8 hours, giving you more time to enjoy your trip. You only need to sterilise your cup before and after every cycle, so just ensure you’re washing your cup with warm water between use and sterilise when you’re back in the comfort of your own home.

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