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I made the switch to hannahpads a while ago and totally recommend these products! Amazing quality, comfortable feel, long lasting and great sustainability.


Hey guys, this company is simply amazing! Comfort and first time in my life I’ve never leaked!


This is my goldilocks cup. Perfect for mid-high cervix. Usually it’s hard to get a cup that easily pops open and can be removed without a struggle. I’ve had ones that were too firm and too soft, this one is just right. Seriously good design.


High quality with extra grip feature that rather comes in handy. Very affordable & so much better than regular liners– Easy to wash, cute patterns & easy to fold up & store!


I have eczema and it often reacted to disposables. Absolutely no reaction to the reusable pads and they’re so much more absorbent.


The switch from disposables to reusable cloth pads was less of a struggle than I anticipated. Glad I invested in stain remover as well. Thanks for making the monthly battle a more pleasant and ecologically sustainable experience :)


It’s really thin and it almost feels like I’m not wearing a liner at all which makes it so comfortable to wear. Easy to remove the stain when washed properly. It gives great coverage too.


Best thing ever! I am allergic to pads and usually get very itchy and it hurts, as soon as I changed to hannahpads I felt a huge difference. Definitely getting more in future.


I had my first try today on the liner and it works perfect. Stays well on underpant, which was my concern before using it. Would recommend it for those who want to do something for a more sustainable and trash-free world. It starts from everyone, and every little change.


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